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    Are there any hot-rodders here? I'm a motorhead and my next project is going to be a model A hot rod/rat rod. I'd love to find anyone in this community from that community. So if you're here...speak up!

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    Right now I've got a '29 Chevrolet Business Coupe that is stock and running, and a '31 Chevrolet Victoria (Five Passenger Coupe) that I am boxing frame rails on, putting in a new X-member, reinforcing the body by replacing wood with steel, and replacing the motor with a 350 TPI out of an '87 'Vette. Long project, a lot to do, hard to find tine to get it all done. The good thing is that I have a sabbatical coming up in a couple months (six weeks paid vacation, YAY!!!) so I'll get some time then to work on it.

    On top of this, I get to live in Pleasanton, CA--home of the Good Guys!!! Only about 2-3 miles from the fairgrounds where they do their major shows, and maybe one mile from headquarters.

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    I'm a bit of a hot rodder!

    Granted, it's with a modern twist but still.

    I just recently finished working on a 32' Ford Coupe with my uncle.. which ironically, the body was my birthday gift to him since he always wanted one.

    My own rod/custom is a 52' Chevy Fleetline. Right now it's got a supercharged LS1 sitting in the engine bay.. it's a slow progress, but hey. I'm paying for it myself.

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    Default Well alright!

    Seems like we got a couple of guys who know their connecting rods from their half shafts. Those sound like some sweet projects. I'm still looking for the body for mine to get started. My last project was a 61 VW. I'm going American Muscle this time. I'm hoping to find a model A tudor and go from there, but honestly I'm open to a lot, as my focus is on putting power down. I'm thinking 5 inches of chop and 4-6 inches of channel on a 2x4 steel frame. As far as the motor I'm not sure. A buddy has some info on a 392 Hemi that I'm really considering depending on how much needs to be rebuilt. So that's where I'm at.

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    Well, technically I could call myself one as I own a '47 Ford. That being said, it doesn't run and I plan on selling it, lol. My real love is my '81 Corvette (stock 350).

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    I have my grandfather's '40 Pontiac business coupe, and am proud to say its 95+% original. About 6 months ago, I had a brake line fail and its stuck in the garage until I have the $$$ to get it fixed. Once thats done, I'm looking forward to driving it again. I love seeing antiques in their original/stock forms.

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    Not really a hot rodder, but a car enthusiast. Restoring a Fiat right now, and have some other oldies.

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