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Thread: Fat Princess anyone?

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    Default Fat Princess anyone?

    So I play this game on PSN called Fat Princess and need some people to play with.

    I was also thinking of setting up a match online thats only AB's/TB's/DL's just for fun if anyone is interested.

    Would anyone be willing to play a few rounds with me?

    My PSN: DiaperGirl378
    (that PSN is an alt account I use to play with people from different AB/DL communities)

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    So, out of pure curiousity... what exactly is PSN, i have not heard of this term. o_ o lol

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    Play Station Network I'm assuming?

    I've played the one player quite a few times, I don't enjoy it much. I just play because it has princess in the name, and my friends children enjoy it.

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