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Thread: Halloween Dress-Up

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    Default Halloween Dress-Up

    So, what's everyones ideas for dressing up for Halloween this year?

    I know there's a topic in the TB forum about wearing a diaper to go out in, but this is much more general!

    Charlie and I are talking about wearing our torture garden outfits again (descriptions in our blogs).

    And if that doesn't happen then I've got an awesome ragdoll costume as my backup!

    So what are you going to dress up as?

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    Probably nothing. I won't be going to any parties. I might go to a few haunted houses though.

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    Regular me with a tail and ears, although I'm not going out trick or treating, probably just for school is anything.

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    Im thinkin about going as either Woody (from toy story 3) buzz light year (toy story 3), batman, or spiderman.....Most of my costume ideas are something that the average 4 yr old would go as. I look at myself as a 4 year old trapped in a 19 yrs old body

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    I'm not really sure yet but I'm thinking about dressing up as the lead singer of an 80s glam metal band.

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    Well, I have to work halloween night, so I'll be dressed up in my work uniform.

    My work uniform consists of a brightly striped t shirt matched with bloody shortalls. White blood stained shoes. My hair in pigtails with nice big bow in my hair and Bradley in my arms ^-^

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    fursuit and ill be damned if i dont get some candy XD

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    Probably just gonna wear a hat or something...

    But an awesome hat - honest!

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    Oooh, I'm so being a princess. I got a wedding dress from Goodwill that's horribly tacky and HUGE and will be a fairytale princess. I'm lucky though, I look young enough to still be trick or treating. candy is the BEST.

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    nothing, I'll be spending my time out at a restaurant or somewhere to hid for a few hours

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