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Thread: Attends vs. Depends

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    No, that is wrong. Depends are way thinner than attends. They are not the same product.

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    Default Attends vs. Depends

    Attends briefs with waistband vs. Depends with the three tapes (maximum fitted protection)

    Any input on this going to but some diapers tomorrow wanted to know what you guys think

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    Attends are way thicker than depends! I never leaked with Attends but leaked a lot with depends! That's probably also because Attends come in my size (Medium) and depends max fit is only small and large.

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    Attends > Depends

    That is all.

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    Attends are much better than depends but that is not saying much a bath towel and a garbage bag would provide better protection than depends. Attends are ok but if you are active the fluff tends to bunch together and I have had the top split open as well better is Abena super

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    Another vote for attends here. You should have made a poll Asako, oh well. Attends is really the same thickness, maybe a tiny bit thicker. Asako, you re thinking of the pull ups, yes those a thin. But the brief depends are not thin, they are better than the pull ups (last time I tried them, supposedly pullups improved says Kimberly Clark), but depends still suck either way, compared to Attends and others.

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    hmm ok.. alot of ppl are saying Attends.. so I'm gonna have to get one in there for Depends.. I use to think Attends were better but than I realized.. even tho Attends with the waistband might be a hare thicker than Depends, the plastic is much thinner. The plastic on the Attends feels like a garbage bag its so thin which is why I'm surprised no one has had leaks with them. Depends plastic feels of a higher quality even tho its not as good as say bambinos or abenas plastic. Anyhow.. since at least I can't get Attends around here without ordering online [they do not sell them at any local store and since the plastic is thinner] my vote is for Depends.. they are cheap.. they are easy to double if u want thickness.. and feel of a higher quality.. which I know ppl will be like what the heck but thats my opinion anyhow.

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    Attends are better then depends
    even though the current ones aren't as good as the old ones when Attends were made by Proctor and gamble, the same company that makes pampers and luvs diapers.

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