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Thread: Hi from a far corner of the world

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    Cool Hi from a far corner of the world

    1) Hello! I'm a mid-30s straight guy who happens to also be into diapers. I'm not very shy, so I don't have a problem with uncomfortable questions. I'm pretty easygoing too, so no worries. I've been all around the world, and I've seen a lot, so I'm pretty hard to shock (maybe too hard; not even 4chan bothers me that much 0_o). If it means anything to anyone, I'm a Meyers-Briggs type INTJ/INTP, so please forgive me ahead of time if I come off kind of analytical once in a while. I'm a problem-solver by nature, so I have a habit of trying to "fix" everything.

    2) I'm here because I've had an interest in diapers for years, though I only recently really admitted to myself how much it was a part of myself. I have only really been open to myself about it for about 6 months or so, and I think I'm about 70% DL and 30% AB. Only my wife knows about it, but she is ok with it, and has even agreed to help me with my interest

    3) I'm a career techie, been one since 99. I've done desktop and server-side support, as well as being a storage engineer, and am currently an information security professional. I've also been in the military during wartime and deployed in a combat theater, and am a trained (though lapsed) concert musician, and played the Horn for 15 years. I'd like to think I'm a genuine polymath. I also have interests in geology, futurism/transhumanism, science fiction, high fantasy, streetfighter motorcycles, alpine skiing, whitewater kayaking, and politics.

    4) I mainly joined to become closer to the community that I have found myself to belong to, and to talk to others with this same component to their personality. I also want to read more to better understand this newly discovered part of who I am.

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    Hey, great introduction! And I see you used Spddans cheat sheet, good work

    Kayaking eh? I love kayaking, although I'm not very good at it! I've done a few courses, and I live in Scotland so there's lots of opportunities to do it!

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    Thanks! Yeah, I got into kayaking years ago, and loved it. I haven't had a chance to do it for a while, but the bug stayed, and I keep telling myself I'll get a boat one of these days.

    I forgot to mention in the intro that I do have a "little" as part of my AB well.

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    Yay! Someone used my tutorial!

    Welcome to ADISC Cush.
    India? Wow, I've never been farther from home than Florida, lol. You're an INTJ/INTP? That's awesome. I know we had a thread about that some time ago. I discovered I am on the fence between being an INFJ and an INTP. It's always cool to find others with similar personalities, isn't it?

    You have quite a few interests. You really have been everywhere, lol. I played the trombone myself for 7 years, but didn't go beyond the high school level. I wasn't bad, I just didn't know where I was going in my life. Now I have better direction, and would love to pick that back up again at some point .

    As for your reason for being here, then I believe you have come to the right place. Go right ahead and ask us anything you want. A lot of us are good with what might seem like uncomfortable questions too. Best wishes, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. You should fit in nicely.d
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    Thanks, Talula and spddan! Hoping to learn a lot here. I forgot a few other interests:

    Pen-and-paper RPGs (2nd Edition represent!)
    Pogo comics

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    'Ello, and welcome! Not much else I can say, but I do hope you enjoy it here. *sleep deprived state*

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    Welcome Cush! It's great to see a fellow transhumanist on here

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