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Thread: Awkward and funny buying story

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    Default Awkward and funny buying story

    Some of our best friends just had their baby. The background to this story is a couple nights prior I was helping the new father change the oil in his car. We were talking about spreading diaper costs for new babies out by purchasing a box of diapers each time you go to Costco. He had said that although they now have boxes and boxes of diapers their newborn doesn't fit the 1-2's yet they had purchased.

    Fast forward to last night. We were invited over to their house for their babies blessing. I've never been to one before and thought a gift or card would be thoughtful. Being that I'd rather give someone a few dollars over a few words in a card I suggested to my wife that we get them something more practical. Recalling my conversation with my friend earlier I knew newborn size diapers were just the thing. Practical too.

    Off to the local store we went. Newborn diapers in hand we went through the checkout line. The girl at the counter picked up the diapers and took a good smell "I just love the smell of diapers" she exclaimed. My wife and I looked at eachother as we were walking away... Awkward. We had no idea what to say.

    Well, that's my funny story. Feel free to post up any of your own.

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    Tehe, that's awesome. My guess is that she likes the smell of diapers because diaper smell=baby powder=little babies? That's my take on it. Still, awkward!!!!!!!!!

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    So, I've told this story once before, but it's relevant to this thread so I'll tell again.

    I was 13 or 14 at the time I think, and I was going to buy a pacifier for the first time. This was also my first time buying any baby item so I was already pretty nervous. Everything was going okay until it came time to go to the checkout. Thanks to the wonders of underemployment, there was only one till open in the whole store(pretty big store too.) If that wasn't bad enough, the person at the till was one of my older sister's friends and my next door neighbor. My knees were shaking so much I thought I was going to fall over right then and there.

    I was thinking about putting the pacifier back and leaving or just buying a chocolate bar and leaving, but I had walked all the way across the city just for this. I wasn't about to let my sister's friend stop me from getting what I wanted. I walked up to the register, knees shaking and a cold sweat running down my back and bought it. I probably looked kinda goofy doing it but once I had payed for it and left the stores with the package in my hand, I felt great.

    I was afraid of her talking to me and asking what I was getting it for but she just treated it like business as usual and scanned it through and handed it back to me.

    I guess the moral of the story is: don't be afraid, just go for it if you really want it. If I can go through something like that on my first buy, then you can do it too.

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    I've posted this before as well, but ill post again.

    My FIRST diaper buying trip wasn't fun :P. i took a train into the city, where i would be away from my local area. to get from my house to the train station is a twenty minute walk plus the train time made it a half an hour trip. So i walked into a supermarket and wandered the isles and picked up a magazine i wanted. i then walked to the medical isle (by this time i'm almost shaking with nerves >.< I was being silly :P) i saw the pack i wanted, Depend's Pull-Ups. I didn't grab them straight off, there was multiple other people in the isle, and thus i looked at some toothpaste and toothbrushes :P. i walked around the corner almost ready to give up, then i thought to myself "F**K IT!". I walked around the corner, Picked up the package, stashed it into my eco friendly shopping bag.
    i walked to the self serve counter and was greeted by a helpful indian woman who asked if i needed help, to which i replied "No, Thank You"
    So i start scanning my things, but the computer stuffed up. Then the nice indian lady walks over and says...

    "Here let me help you"... and takes the Pull ups out of the bag, and scans them for me, then handing them back to me says: "There you go"

    i paid, and left the store VERY fast :P

    and that was my awkward story.... i don't think i have had anymore.

    OH!, Short Story: i bought diapers when some one i knew (Regular customer at my job) walked into the store. :P, luckily he never said anything.

    Those are my stories - Snaps

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    I have three stories. The first was buying a package of Attends (back when they still sold them retail) at some large drug store. The cashier picks them up and holds them over her head and yells down to the cashier two registers over "Is there tax on these?" Ugh.

    The next story occurred when ordering some cloth diapers that were in the Sears catalog. I had them shipped to the catalog department of the nearby store for pickup. When I got there, the clerk (a young woman) insisted on opening up the outer package to "see if they were OK." I'm sure she was just curious but that was back when I wasn't secure enough to play along.

    The last one was more recent. I grabbed a bag of depends and some baby wipes. The girl seeing the wipes asked how old my baby was and I pointed to the depends and said they were both for me. Now it was her turn to be embarrassed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    The last one was more recent. I grabbed a bag of depends and some baby wipes. The girl seeing the wipes asked how old my baby was and I pointed to the depends and said they were both for me. Now it was her turn to be embarrassed.
    Damn, you're gutsy.

    For me, my only real buying story is that on my first ever diaper run, I had picked up my diapers and was headed for the checkout. Dead ahead, paying for groceries, was my father. I ran back to the aisle and waited a long time before checking out.

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    My first "diaper run" was for a pack of depends. (only locally available thing I could think of) Naturally I get there totally unprepared for the 20 or so different kinds, variations, and quantities of packages available. I must have stood there staring at them for several minutes trying to remember what specific thing I had picked out beforehand. (write it down or print out a pic or something...)

    So I grab I think a 16 pk or so of depends. I'd already picked up several other odds and ends that it made me feel a little less awkward to check out with rather than nothing but a bag of diapers. Off to the checkout. This was a few years before automatic checkouts at this store so it was a cashier. And of course everything else scans fine, but the depends wouldn't ring up on the scanner, she must have tried to scan it a dozen times. So she stops and tells me she's looking up the price on the "depend". (not plural, kinda confused me at the time) Thank god it wasn't the horror story of "price check on depends" over the loudspeaker - she looked it up on the computer and keyed in the UPC and the price to add the product to their system, then rang it up and I was outa there. Longest 4 minutes at a cash register ever.


    1) know exactly what you want. The name, the exact variety, the quantity,the SIZE. Have a couple backup ideas in case you can't find your first pick.

    2) write it down. If nothing else, if a helpful employee walks up to you and "can I help you find something?" you'll feel a whole lot better handing them a piece of paper and saying "grandma asked me to run to the store and get this" rather than "oh I don't know can you help me pick out some diapers?"

    3) make sure you have more than enough money. if it costs $20, bring $30. Price may be higher than expected, you don't want to be short.

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    Were they scented? I enjoy the smell as well. It's a soothing smell.
    How old did she look?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    Were they scented? I enjoy the smell as well. It's a soothing smell.
    How old did she look?
    If say she was in her late 20's early 30's.

    Probably just enjoyed the smell. Was still the most awkward experience I've had.

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    First pack of nappies I ever bought was at a small local chemist (drugstore) I knew there would be no other customers there and where the Depends were. I took them up to the counter to the middle aged employee, trying to keep up a bit of a ruse I said "I just hope I get the right size for my aunt.". Without hesitating she said "Well they would fit someone your size if that helps." in hindsight I gather she had plenty of people like me buying them there as most people who need them for incontinence get government assistance and have them sent in case lots via courier from large specialised suppliers. I just smiled and left, I simply couldn't wait to get home and put one on, that was a great day.

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