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Thread: how do Abena and Dry 24/7's compare?

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    Question how do Abena and Dry 24/7's compare?

    I've seen these two compared with a lot of other diapers, but never against each other, and I'm wondering is there any difference? Both are usually described as very high capacity, reasonably priced, mostly pulp with some SAP. Who has experience with both that can point out the differences? I don't have any experience with the abena brand, I believe the one that's similar is the abena x-plus.

    Some points I'd like to see compared are: average price, capacity, durability (maintaining fit over an active day, especially clumping when wet), leakage, odor control.

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    The dry 24/7 run a little bigger and the best part is the tapes hold and more capacity

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    ^ Pretty much says it all.

    247s do run big. The new smalls were the old mediums (they still say medium, even...). For going out, I would go with Abenas, and for wearing to bed, either are amazing, but I, personally trust 247s more. They ride higher, and have really comfy elastic and plastic.

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    I've got some 24/7s in the mail, and already have some abenas. I'll choose which one I like more. Though truth be told, bambinos are cheaper in my size than either of them, so I'll have to compare them as well. >.>

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    Wow, where are you getting your abena's from? I thought they'd be cheaper then bambinos, they're certianlly cheaper then cuddlz are over here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    Wow, where are you getting your abena's from? I thought they'd be cheaper then bambinos, they're certianlly cheaper then cuddlz are over here.
    I'm getting my Abenas from XP medical, Though I can get them cheaper from AB universe. But either place I buy them, I have to wear medium abenas, but with bambinos I fit better in Small. Case pricing from XP Medical for abenas is $1.37 dollars per brief, from ABU $1.07 per brief. Bambino Smalls, however, are $0.97 per diaper at case pricing. However, yes, in medium Bambinos are exactly the same cost per brief as Abenas from XP medical. (But not ABU)

    Molicares, on the other hand, are cheaper from XP medical than ABU. Guess they have to make up for their low Abena X-Plus costs somewhere.

    I'm also looking into others from ABU, like Wellness briefs, or any of their play diapers. The Superdry ones are actually $1.06 per diaper at case pricing, so I'll be testing them out as well. I just got their ultimate sample pack in the mail today, so I'll update you all when I'm done "Sampling" their products.

    EDIT: I guess I'll also go ahead and toss in my diaper price comparison once I get it done.

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    I have definitely switched to the dry 24/7's at night, but, i'm thinking of holding on to the Abenas for work, the dry 24/7's are too obvious at work, they tend to bunch up a bit too much under the butt for use during the workday, makes me look like i have a load in my pants with a dry one, aside from that minor complaint, i like em both

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    As a regular M-4 user I wore my first 24/7 medium last night as well as doing a few comparison measurements. The 24s are bigger, bulkier in the butt, have a front elastic in addition to the rear they share with the Abenia. I did not like the front elastic as it kept me from taping the diaper the way I like it and it always felt loose. Otherwise they were quite comfortable and held more than the M-4s. On sale at XP the price was still a lot more than the M-4s. I've 17 left and will enjoy them but doubt I'll but them again.

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    I just got some of the 24/7 (from XP), and I have not tried one of them yet, but the size difference is obvious just by looking at them compared to a abena! I got the medium as it was the smallest they had, and I actually think (actually I know) they are going to be to big.

    Anyway, what I DONT like about the 27/7 (so far without wearing them yet) is that the bag I got, the diapers each have numerous defects! Out of a whole bag of 18, only 3 of them seem to be defect free! Some of them are missing front or rear waistbands, the first one out of the pack, the waistband was way off towards the tapes, others had small holes in them, and the padding didnt seem to be consistent thickness (some parts were much thicker then others). The plastic also seemed inconsistent in the texture, some parts are rough and other areas are smooth. To me, it seems like they have some issues with quality control and mantaining a consistent product.
    With abenas, every now and then I find a brief or two that have defects, but nothing like this pack of dry 24/7, so I think it might be safe to say that abena has better quality control and a more consistent product (Probably because they have been around much longer)

    Update - yep, I just put one on, and they are waaaaaaay to big for me (29-30 waist). I had to overlap the sides/tapes and the waistbands are totally loose. Good concept, bad design and quality control, so a total waste of $30 for me
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