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    Default From Down Under!

    Hey All,

    I am back!!! long time but anyway just wanted to let everyone know.

    I love the new look, impressive!


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    You're back? But this is your first post, and you only just joined. Have you got more than one account?

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    i have forgotten my password for my other account. Just waiting for a reply from Moo!

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    What was your old user name? How long were you around for before? Where did you go?

    If you've been here before then you know what we want from introductions, so go right ahead

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    my previous user name was dfl88.

    I was a teenbaby - but since i guess im older now i consider my self to be an 'adult baby' and a diaper lover! i live in australia (as you may be able to tell) and love it!! except for the current PM. i have nothing against female leaders, in fact i believe australia needed it for social advancement, but our current PM's mannerisms and image is cringe worthy to say the least!

    anyway that is a little bit about me! look forward to being apart of the community once again!

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