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Thread: Pacifier in my car.

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    Default Pacifier in my car.

    I had a really stressfull day where I work. I'm an assistance/secretary in an insurance office, and my boss was just loading up the work on me. On my way home from work, I popped the pacifier I always carry with my in my mouth while I was heading home as it is one of my great stress relievers. The highway I travel on is two-lanes for most of the way so the traffic is coming is at me and I don't have to worry about anyone seeing me, other than those passing me, which I can see and quickly remove the pacifier. However, I was really lost in my thoughts today and as the highway split into four lanes at the traffic light a car pulled up beside me and the driver looked over with a funny look on her face. That's when I realized that pacifier was still in my mouth. I was so embarrased. I quickly pulled in out and when the light turned green, took off and then turned at the next road, which wasn't even my turn. Looking back it was kind of funny, but I didn't feel that way at the time. Has anything like this happened to anyone else?

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    Be carefull with the patrols, if they see you with a paci, sure youŽll win alcohol/drug suspect. I realy in contra to use paci in the car - too much relax is for disconcetration of driving.
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    Honestly I wouldn't worry bout it. I don't really use them and when I do its in private but the chances are you will never see those people again and besides I've seen quite a few girls with pacifires ( Bink's ) in there mouth believe me or not when I say that you don't have to be a TB/AB to use them I know a few girls that use them daily or even wear them around there neck like a necklace and trust me there not AB's

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    I suck my pacifier when driving all the time. I don't worry about someone seeing me, as it would probaby be the only time I saw them and they don't know me. I saw a lady sucking her thumb one day when driving. I really wanted to follow her, but didn't.

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    Same here - I keep one in the console. I reserve my NUK 5's for night time, but keep a NUK 3 in my car, desk and a couple at home. I really don't think people notice as much as you think they do.

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    hehe thats really cute
    I have been in public very obviously chewing on a binki , but then again, there were other reasons for the binki
    I have a very hard time caring about what people I don't know think about me :P it seems frivolous

    I almost went to open the door last night with my binki still in my mouth, my girlfriend reminded me I had it still lol

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    This really didn't happen by accident but I was at a little/ageplayer event at the local zoo a couple weeks ago and about 6 of us from our local group showed up. I was dressed in an all red sweat suit and one girl was dressed pretty juvenile. Every one else was dressed pretty normal. I had my diaper bag with me which is common place when I'm out and about because being urinary and fecal incon I'm never sure when ill need to change. In my diaper bag I also had snacks for the day and my favorite plushie as it was mentioned every one else was bringing theirs. Only one other person brought theirs the juvenile dressed girl brining her baby doll.....btw ageplayers and littles are different we don't mind um being who we are in public......any how I had my curious george hanging out of my bag and he fell out. I only knew because I heard : um um um and a tugging sensation and a little boy with his dad or grandfather letting me know I had dropped my "comfee" as he called it. Most people would likely be embarrassed by this but it was more awkward for me to turn around from time to time and notice the boy and his dad where almost always behind me with the boy smiling everytime.......

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    hey did ya know that they sell bottle/nipple attachments for water bottles, which i wonder if they would fit on 20 oz coke bottles because that would be an easy thing to suck but look like normal as well? just a thought...

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    I carry mine around all the time. If anyone asks, I tell them it makes me less anxious. Then again, I'm pretty open about who I am.

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