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Thread: Hey,how is everyone?

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    Default Hey,how is everyone?

    I kind of jumped the gun,apparently.So I'd like to just start over here and just make things right.So here goes:

    My name is Ron and I'm a teen baby/DL.I love to play music,I have played in all kinds of bands for the past four years or so.I play bass and guitar and I just love to experiment with different sounds.For the most part music is my favorite thing in life.I also like to just hang out or go to a party or something with my friends.In the past I have experimented with dope and alcohol to a point where the days just seemed to run together haha,but that was just experimentation.I'm currently a student in college atttempting to get an engineering degree and hopefully making a nice living to support a family.I love my girlfriend,she has to be the sweetest most wonderful person I have ever met and most of the time I have to spare I devote to making her the happiest she possibly can be.My girlfriend knows about my fetish because I told her about it before we even started dating,she accepted it and encourages me to endulge in it if it makes me happy.My girlfriend and I like to experiment sexually so its not a big deal.Right now I'm living in an apartment with my roomate,he is very heavily into the smoking of marijuana and other drugs but I as of now am officially quit.I have told two people about my fetish,my current girlfriend and my ex-girlfriend.None of "the guys" know about it.I wear diapers every once in a while,not as much as of late due to the fact that I'm always in school,I usually wear tena mediums although I can fit in the small size (mediums are more comfy for some reason).The first time I bought diapers wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be.I just walked in picked them up,paid and left,simple as that.I guess thats pretty much me.I cant think of anything else but I guess you can ask me anything,I'm really open.


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    You should put a space after punctuation, such as periods and commas. It makes your writing easier to read.

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    welcome aboard. ^^ Hope you enjoy the forum. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    You should put a space after punctuation, such as periods and commas. It makes your writing easier to read.
    Zephiel you fool he's a Newf, we are allowed to have bad grammar! :P

    Welcome to the site, always cool to see more Newfs on here considering I always thought I was probably the only one on the island, I'll have to get Jon to invite you to the social group.

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    Hey there, and welcome to the forum

    Glad you made an intro

    What sort of music are you into?

    Also, kudos for not making your intro just all about diapers

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! To clear up a few questions,I play a lot of different types of music but more often than not I can be found playing jazz,blues,rock,metal,punk,funk,ska,reggae and alternative but sometimes I just sit down with my band and play whatever I want haha.Thanks for the welcome nameless,always nice to meet other newfs into this stuff.I was wondering why I couldn't join the group haha but I guess the invite thing kind of clears that up.


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    Welcome to ADISC Ron =)

    Zephiel is right, you should try to put spaces after your full stops and commas, because your posts are quite difficult to read. Try putting some paragraphs in too so you don't get a huge block of text.

    You seem to be finding your way around okay. Have you been in the Live Chat yet? It's a good place to get to know people.

    Hope you enjoy your time here =)

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