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Thread: Bunk-bed?

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    I think it would be cool, but i would have no one to fight of the top bunk with... And thats half the fun of a bunk bed.

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    I have one! It's a queen bed on the bottom, and a full one on top. It's fun to rotate every now and then, but it's not completely fun, since I don't someone to sleep in my room at the same time :/.

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    I actually thought about building a loft bed in my room with a futon under it. Kind of like a living room under and bed over. I never had bunk beds as a kid (always had separate rooms), but I guess it would be kind of cool.

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    Don't go there. I would get to share the dogs bed in the backyard (there are no bunk beds in his kennel). That, or dueling pistols....and shot in the back before stepping out ten paces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post

    I think I may have one of these things called.... bunk... beds.
    You seriously beat me to it. Opening this thread made me think of those bunk bed-ish ones that have a bed up top and a desk/empty space below. Drape a blanket around the edge of the lower half and throw some pillows in there and you could have yourself a pretty bad ass fort.

    Edit: There we go, they seem to be known as "loft beds" and I managed to find a picture of one.

    Edit^2: Holy crap. I've also found that there is a website that specializes in these things... That actually looks rather awesome.

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