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    Since this forum is for furs and babyfurs, I figured it might be interesting to get some thoughts about transformation and origins of furs. Personally, I'm a transformation fan. As a writer it intrigues me since the character who's been changed now has to deal with everything that comes with their new self. The cause of transformation can also be fun; I've read machine, magic, sex, cosmetic, science, etc etc...

    My question is this, what's your favorite method of transformation? Do most furs just consider themselves part of a furry world where its totally normal? Are there humans there too? Or were they brought to a furry world? What's most interesting to you personally?

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    I'm a freak for transformation. I love it in just about any form, and it's fun to transform others and be transformed into a variety of things.

    Also, I think most furs see themselves as being part of a furry world, where being furry is as natural as walking (when roleplaying, that is). I wrote a story a long time ago (it's lost since then) about a human who managed to get transported into an all-furry world, and eventually was transformed into a furry. It's sort of the premise of the webcomic Furthia High. Personally, I prefer a mixture of humans and furries.

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    I am not really big on transformation, but neither do I dislike it, either. I guess I'm just neutral on the idea.

    Transformation certainly does bring with it plenty of fun story dynamics and avenues for character development, as well some as fun humor.

    I just really do NOT like magic, or anything that grossly unrealistic. Mostly because the transformation tends to be the only magical thing period in an otherwise normal world, and that sticks out like a sore thumb. If you are going to include magic, I'd like to see it be something that is at least consistent with your story universe, not specific to a single character, or even a single event. Then, magic doesn't bother me. The way people write magic, though, is usually with some character that is a cheap method to solve problems. It's a horrible writing shortcut, not a clever plot device.

    I like to see a scientific transformation (is it your story, CS, that has the winged-dog creature, I think, contracting this H5N8 virus (or something like that), and he bites his caretaker...she turns into a fox with a really long tail?), something more...well, not feasible, but perhaps more naturalistic, rather than magical? Or perhaps just waking up one morning furry, or waking up after a really bad explanation given. It just happens, the main character doesn't know why, and it is left at that. Not everything needs to be explained.

    EDIT: A Wing, A Tail, And Some Things You Don't Know

    That one . I see it is yours...I like that idea!

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    I like transformations as well. I agree with Draugr though, I prefer a more realistic approach. I also don't like it when magic is used just to advance the plot and be lazy. I have never given it much thought until now. Maybe I will reply again after I give this some more thought.
    Also welcome to adisc cs fox! You are the most popular newbie I have ever seen here.

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    I always thought it would be interesting to read a well-written furry transformation novel along the lines of "Bicentennial Man." I suspect it wouldn't have the same impact or meaning, however - as it's more just a vain (I use this in a neutral, not negative sense) desire to change one's appearance, rather than a desire to be truly human.

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    I second Ashland and as far as transformation? I take anything actually: Magic? if the world in the story has it established before hand, that said though I am more into the "science gone wrong" transformations, I.E. an experiment with animal DNA gone awray.

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    Whatch the island of Dr. Mague and you got your none magical tranformation start. Great scientific form of transforming

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    First of all, holy shit it's CS fox!

    Second, in general I just like to take any set of fantasy rules(so long as they're well defined) and try to figure out how things would work as a thought experiment. I'm somewhat fascinated with how exactly places like tailors, resturaunts, airplanes etc would accomodate the different shapes and sizes that come with an anthropomorphic world, most of the time it's people choose cats or dogs or something close to primarily populate their world with. How do you accomodate a giraffe? He's got to have a gigantic neck... otherwise he's not really a giraffe, but that means he's gotta be leaning over to get into any door, or doors in a furry world are generally taller than here. What about a big animal like a bear?(somewhat near to my heart :P) Do they have to pay for two seats on an airline? How does a daycare center take care of docile animals like rabbits, and bigger more inherently destructive animals like a bear?

    I don't like transformation as means for an escape, and I usually like the whatever the person transforms into to make "sense" for that person's character, i.e. if they transform into an animal, the animal fairly closely represents their personality/body type. Really a lot of furry stuff to me in stories is just good for making an easy physical characature of a person.

    As for the method/mode? I'd say it depends from story to story really, certain methods work better with different stories. I've read each of the aforementioned types of transformations in well written stories (a lot of them yours, CS) and when done correctly they can all work. Personal preference is just that I prefer a quick, fantasy sort of transformation for more tongue in cheek or comedy style stories, where the person is transformed at a snap of a finger, and possibly transformed back and forth at will by something supernatural beyond their control. For more serious stories I prefer a slow methodical change, where the person continuously finds more and more things different, and explores the pros and cons of each facet of their transformation before continuing further.

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