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Thread: baby GINA's introduction to the world

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    Red face baby GINA's introduction to the world

    I feel I should just be regressed back to complete NEWBORN infancy.You see I was put back into PAMPERS diapers by my biological mommy,when I was just 9 years old.The reason was because I had a severe bedwetting concern going on again.My mommy told me she was going to start to diaper me again,because she couldn't keep up with ALL the new laundry I was making for her.I cried for about the first week,while being diapered agian.My mommy also put a full supply of all her diapering supplies right out on MY dresser,where I could always see them.She told me,that I would only need to wear at night,unless I started to have acccidents during daytime also.It felt wierd to be back in diapers,but also somehow comforting also.I continued to wake up wet,but now only in my diaper,and bed stayed dry.I am now 25 and still to this day wear diaperes to bed,every night.I can't seem to sleep unless I am wearing my diapers.I was switched to cloth diapers sometime when I was 12,because I grew out of MY PAMPERS.I continue to use cloth diapers with liners and doublers with my plastic panties to this day.I still wake up wet,most every morning.

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    Welcome to ADISC, Gina.

    It is entirely possible that when you were 9 years old you were petite enough to effectively wear the largest Pampers available in 1994. So, personally I am accepting your post at face value.

    However, please understand that a whole lot of ADISC members will find your story fantasy fap material.

    ADISC is not a fetish site. We value our members from 13 to 18 years of age. Our tradition is to introduce all of our interests. We assume members have some connection to diapers. My suggestion is you post more details about yourself as a functioning adult.

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    Angela said it best, I think. It's entirely possible you have a bedwetting problem and your mother decided it would be a good idea to provide you with pampers for the issue (although that does sound a little cruel and humiliating when there are products actually made for bedwetting on the market) and even that from 12 onwards you wore cloth diapers instead. However, because of the emphasis you put on certain points, this does indeed read like 'fantasy fap material'.

    For instance:

    Capitalizing 'PAMPERS' seems to delibrately emphasise the brand/type of diapers, a theme common in AB/DL mastubatory material.

    Calling your mother 'mommy' will probably be considered weird too, especially in the context of what you're saying. It sounds like you want your biological mother to baby and diaper you the rest of your life, to be quite honest, which is going to weird a BUNCH of people out.

    Describing how your diapers were left in full view on your dresser. This would be INCREDIBLY humiliating for a young child, but you don't mention feeling angry at your mother, or even suggest she was in the wrong. This is odd, too.

    A couple points make me think perhaps your story has some truth to it; for instance, you say that your 'mommy' specifically told you the diapers were only to be worn at night. In a diaper fap story, she'd most likely just declare 'LOL YOU WET THE BED LIKE A BABY, WEAR DIAPERS BABY!' So, maybe you are being genuine here and just phrased some parts of the story the wrong way, or maybe some of the events happened, but not quite how you said they did. Regardless, this won't leave a good impression on a lot of members.

    If you really want to continue making posts like the one you just made, I must warn you that you will probably end up banned very quickly. Here at ADISC we readily accept that newbies make mistakes and that's no problem. So please don't be scared off if you fall into this category! Just come back and post something with more...substance, this time. :3

    Good luck! :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    sorry for spelling erros. tiping wit one hand.
    So about the wedding....

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    I have to say, Angela and charlie have got it in one. Although this is possibly, if unlikely, it's still not a good introduction. We still know nothing about you, apart from the fact you wear diapers, which isn't surprising considering the nature of the site.

    Here are some links for you to read:

    - A guide to getting started!
    - How to make a good first impression!
    - Some FAQs
    - What Adisc is about!
    And most importantly:
    - THE RULES!!!

    Go and read them, then read around the forums to see what is and isn't acceptable here, and then try again!

    Welcome though, and I do look forward to hearing more from you soon

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    Not really sure what to make of that. Two very similar stories from two different people posted within an hour of each other... maybe the other person saw this one and thought that's the sort of thing we wanted to hear? If so, then you've unfortunately not set a very good example.

    That's the best case scenario that I can think of anyway, so I'll assume it to be true. I suggest you follow the advice in the above posts before trying again with your introduction.

    Welcome to ADISC =)

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    Try to introduce yourself with your real self, not your fantasy persona. You'll get a lot more favorable comments then!

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