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Thread: Adult size baby diapers?

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    Default Adult size baby diapers?

    Why has no one made adult size baby diapers/ pull ups?like 2 tab and the cute baby diaper smell. Huggies pampers luvs all that. I think they would make a killing. Now I know there's bambino and like 1 or 2 more but not lust like a baby diaper. I may be wrong and there might be some out there but I havnt seen them.

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    Oh ok sweet if you post them I would be very thankfull

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    Thank you I guess its like ask and you will receive. If anyone knows of any others please post.

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    Yep just went there looks good to me but still wondering if there's any others btw thanks for the post pikachu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphacore View Post
    well, the ones that came right off the top of my head are sold here
    Hey that "ultra sample pack" of theirs sounds awesome. "one each of 10 different ab/dl favorites". Looks like $20 shipped, not bad for a 10 diaper sample.

    Was also looking at their cushies... one 70mm tape... wondering how well that fits an adult.

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    Ok so I checked out ABU and the product looks great its a little steeply priced and the +$15 extra for the scent mehh not so happy bout but I'm gonna try um and hope there actually good

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