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Thread: Diapers or No Diapers

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    Default Diapers or No Diapers

    I am thrilled to have my last days of dltb in honesty with you all. I am going to burn my stash, which all u I hope no means diapers, and I am going to kill my TBDL status. I will not kill my self but I an killing apart of who I am, correction who I was. I wish I could of known u all better. My dearest regards Austin H. F.

    ps Moo go ahead and delete name for someone else to use.

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    I'm never good with estimates, but can I recommend that the OP not burn all his tbdl stuff? cause it's horribly polluting and you'll regret it later.

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    $50 says that he comes back and makes a re-introduction, even though no one knows who he is.

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    you could bet the entire wealth of your country and get it all back with that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphacore View Post
    you could bet the entire wealth of your country and get it all back with that one.
    Well yeah, but I'd probably make more on my initial offer.

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