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Thread: my intro :D

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    Default my intro :D

    hey guys! i'm really excited to be here and i feel like i'm going to like it here a lot! i'm glad that there are so many people here that are like me and understand me! i will go ahead and mention up front that i'm about 13 years old and i live in missouri. I don't think there's much more to say so i guess that's it, c u guys l8tr!

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    Hey there mrDLsuper332, welcome to ADISC .

    I feel you'll fit in here well, based on your attitude. Your intro is great, but is missing a little something.... you! It's great to know that you feel at home here; I know I sure do, but I'm always curious to find out what my forum mates are into. What are you passionate about?

    For me, I'm a writer with a knack for building websites, doing all things hockey, listening to music, and watching the Simpsons .
    How about you? Any hobbies or anything?

    I'm sure you'll fit in great, so welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy your stay here .
    (PS, and don't worry about that thread being closed, no big deal, just the moderators keeping things streamlined and organized. We've all been newbies here at one point!)

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