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Thread: Abri-form original vs air plus

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    Default Abri-form original vs air plus

    I was just curious. I've tried the original Abri-Form(, but I wanted to try the Air plus ones(

    My GF likes cloth backed ones better, since they 'breathe' better, but I wanted to know if the thickness and quality stays with the air pluses, despite the cloth backing. (I don't mind either...)

    Anyone tried both? I just was looking for some information, thanks.
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    Yep, got both. Samples of the current plastic version of the Abriforms arrived earlier today. I already had bags of the Air Plus version (M2, M3, and M4) to see how they compared to the older Abenas.

    The Air Plus quality is pretty good. Haven't had any problems with them. Doing a quick visual comparison today I didn't see any significant difference in thickness between the versions when comparing the same absorbency level. Pretty sure the older generation X-Plus from a few years ago had more padding but I don't have any to verify.

    I also got samples of the Delta-Forms. Besides the lack of elastic waistband & color I didn't see any difference to the plastic X-Plus AbriForms. Can't comment on usability yet.
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    Clarification. I have used the Air Plus and the quality is good. No unexpected leaks, no tapes tearing off, absorbency was as expected. No noticeable difference in performance to the older AbriForms.

    What I can't comment on is the quality of the Delta Forms as I have not used them yet. Think I failed miserably writing that clearly the first time.

    If you're not sure then I recommend trying out the sample packs and comparing them before placing a larger order. Shipping on the samples wasn't that bad. 17 pounds and a sizable box for the eight or so different sample packs I just ordered only cost something like $7.

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    I found the tapes to be "not brilliant" on the cloth ones but better if you avoid sticking them to the tape area and give them a little tug after afixing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choos View Post
    I found the tapes to be "not brilliant" on the cloth ones but better if you avoid sticking them to the tape area and give them a little tug after afixing.
    ditto on that one out of a pack tapes were sucky on atleast half

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    I've had a couple so far where the blue bit came off before I wanted it to when unsticking the first time before even placing for the first taping. Not a big deal since it can just be stuck back to the outer tape.

    I did notice though, by virtue of that and having to retape one a couple times for #2 breaks, that there is actually a small strip of grippy velcro-like tab area on the outer white tape. Same thing that current gen baby diapers are using for the majority of the tape. So it isn't just adhesive holding things in place, there is also the grippy bit too.

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    Although I've not compared the abriform and airplus lines directly, I have compared the airplus to depends which are plastic. For me the difference is night and day as far as breathability. The depends on even a slightly warm day turned into an incredibly moist muggy environment. The air plusses only get that way with lots of physical activity and very hot weather.

    The tapes on the airplus's are kind of different. They are a two part system. Over all though they are effective.

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