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Thread: Teachers Say The Darnest Things

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    Default Teachers Say The Darnest Things

    OK, this thread is basically for posting what funny things your teachers say throughout the day. We all have that one class that we can't wait to get a laugh out of, and the teachers are always the best. So just post what you hear.

    Today in class, my english teacher Mr. Reichart read our reports that we handed in a couple of days ago, and he noticed some "5th grade sentences." He told us that we needed to grow up a little. Then he asked "Does your mommy still give you an MnM when you get it in the toilet?" The class lol'd.

    Look, I know it's a bathroom joke, but you gotta admit that it's pretty funny. Your turn.

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    I remember my chemistry teacher in high school telling me that "I was thinking about things too much" when I told her flat out why one of her test questions was wrong.

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    "I am pretty much a mushroom to them. They keep me under a rock and feed me shit" - My Shakespeare professor last year when asked about a class trip (referring to the trip coordinators)

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    "If i swear then im sorry, that fire alarm just scares the fuck out of me" -My Physical Science teacher

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    From the teacher who taught in the room next to me: "I telling you all, shut the fuck up!" After that, there was no sound coming from his room.

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    My bio teacher told me to "go back to the Shire"... I'm sure most of you could figure out what he was saying about me. >_>

    Oh, and he also made a point to frequently make jokes like "OMG! You have friends???".

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    My U.S. history teacher says that every time we get an answer wrong on a test he will kill a puppy. And for every question wrong on a worksheet he will punch a grandma, it might not be your grandma, but i will find one and punch her for you.

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    Last year, one of my teachers told my entire class to "learn to fucking spell!"

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    I had my psychology teacher swear that a reflex was controlled by the brain. I flipped to the part of the book on reflex and showed her that it was in fact controlled by the spinal cord. She proved that it was controlled by the brain because the spinal cord is controlled by the brain. I then showed her the last line of that bit which was "A headless warm body can do it." She then told me that a snake still lives after you chop it's head off because it's neurons are still firing, but it dies because there's nothing to feed it... So because the body can't live without being fed, reflexes are controlled by the brain... good logical flow there teacher.

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    Oh god, one of my biology professors at university dropped this joke: "What's pink, red, and silver and crawls into walls?"
    "A baby with forks in its eyes." This was also the guy who used a population graph from Civilization or something in a lecture. There was also a chem prof who was making suggestive remarks about another professor during lecture. Some girl complained and he explained the next day that the other professor was his wife.

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