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Thread: "Serious Sam HD - The Second Encounter"

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    Default "Serious Sam HD - The Second Encounter"

    Ah, nothing like a taste of mowing down hundreds of hostile alien lifeforms to make me forget about a certain lousy purchase I made earlier in the week.

    Any game that gives you very big guns and then throws hundreds of enemies running right in your direction cannot possibly be all that bad.

    I was a fan of the first "Serious Sam HD" game (even though I currently only have 45 gamerscore on it), so I happily picked up the second one earlier today.

    Then I made the mistake of starting my first playthrough on "Serious" difficutly, and got my ass handed to me repeatedly just a minute into the first level. This game does not fuck around with the difficulty, that's for sure. Then again, neither did the first one.

    Well, wish me luck on getting some gamerscore on this game - although I don't think I'll be getting the achievement for defeating the last level on "Serious" difficulty without dying once anytime in the near future.

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    Default you actually ever save money?

    Like not trying to be mean, but you seem to spend a ridiculous amount of money on short-term, material things (i.e. games, DVDs, alcohol [not anymore, but before]).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post you actually ever save money?
    I do actually save money. Actually, my payee saves the money for me. Every month, a portion of my SSDI is set aside, and then after my bills are paid, I get a weekly allowance of whatever is left. After I purchase food and other necessities, I don't have much money left from that. So, that means that the money that I spend on games is the money that I get from my PT job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post you actually ever save money?
    Save 75% on Serious Sam HD: Gold Edition on Steam

    Ten dollars is a lot huh? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Dude, I pick up pennies. Every cent matters to me. XD

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    Played through most of the game today. AWESOME is the only word I have for it.

    This is one of the best FPS games available on the XBox Live Arcade marketplace. It sure beats that sloppy and buggy Blacklight - Tango Down shit any day of the week.

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