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    The last post like this I found was from July. So what kinda of style is your hair in? Is it an EMOver? Buzz cut? What color is is your hair and whats the longest you ever let it get.
    As of now my hair is straight black hair that hits my shoulders. I never let it get longer then this though. I've never changed the color also. A buzz cut on me looks silly, so long hair =] How about you?

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    Ooooh good question! I love talking about my hair!

    My hair is blonde, a strong, light, scandinavian blonde, since my father is from the Netherlands!

    It currently is quite long, well past my shoulders, I normally have a side parting and a fringe, although I've let both of them grow out for the moment since I can't afford to/have the time for regular trims to keep it looking nice!

    The longest my hair ever was was 97cm. I know this because we measured before we chopped it all off! I sold this hair to a wig making factory, and they gave me over 100, which I donated to a childrens hospice

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    <-- wishes he was scandinavian.
    I'm blonde but I can't get my hair into any style other than an afro.

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    My hair is very long (most of the way down my back) and it's dark brown. I like it long, but I am thinking of getting it cut somewhat soon. (...but I have also been saying that for the past year or so.) I still plan to keep it long though. I don't like having short hair. Long hair is the single, only, semi-feminine thing I can get away with doing openly.

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    Right now my hair goes down to about 3 inches above my shoulders. It's all about the same length. I just cut it about a week ago. I cut it a lot and always make it different. The longest it's ever been was about down to my knees when I was little and I had it close to my elbows last year. It kind of looks better longer, but it gets really annoying to straighten it all and keep it all out of my face. It's kind of light brown and hasn't ever been any other color. I REALLY wish I could dye it, but my mom won't let me. I have bangs that go straight across. I usually wear it down, but sometimes I wear it with pigtails or in a ponytail. It's in a ponytail right now. Actually, only about half of it is because it's too short for all of it to stay in. I kind of miss having long hair. . .

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    My hair is halfway down my back. Enough for it to be a pain to straighten. :[ It takes an hour and a half to straighten my mane. Extremely curly curly curly.

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    My hair is light blond and it's about 8 inches long at the moment. It's around my shoulders now but I'm trying to grow it longer.

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    It's like a REALLY long mullet thing. Sucks that my hair is sorta naturally poofy, 'cause it looks weird :/

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    Short and brown, parted. It's gotten a bit longer than I like it now, but I haven't had the time/chance to go get it cut at my usual barber's place.

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    I usually have a buzz cut because I don't like having to groom my hair. My hair is medium brown

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