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Thread: CVS vs Walgreens

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    Default CVS vs Walgreens

    does anybody know which diaper would be better out of the store brands of walgreens and cvs??

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    I've never tried the Walgreens store brand, but I did try the CVS ones a while back. They weren't too comfy and to me, they were cut kind of weird. If I recall correctly, there was a lot of plastic in the back that rose far above the padding. The tapes were okay and stayed put, but you definitely can't refasten them. I basically just used them as back-ups in my stash.

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    The ones in my area are the exact same diaper.

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    No, they most definitely are not. Walgreens Certainty brand are best.

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    i say neither, the few store brands i have tried, sucked bad, including walgreens, the lowest i will go is depends cuz they are at least a step up from the store brands and its not as tho ur saving that much anywhow so, u have to decide whats more important , the fact that u have diapers or that u have diapers that u can rely on when u wear them

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    Walgreen's are more absorbent but a bit more bulky. Since they went cloth backed there more absorbent then depends. The also have refasten-able tabs so if your not good with tabs yet there a good deal. I would recommend them. Also check if they have sani pants there cheap plastic pants (not durable but at least cheap). I would recmoned buying bladder control pads or baby diapers for stuffing. Don't froget baby powder(or bakeing powder) or Vaseline (they have baby scented) to protect against rash and keep your skin safe. (cheap adult diaper brands aren't great at controlling bacteria that causes rashes)

    And make sure you get briefs (briefs = diapers) (underwear = pullups)

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    They both feel the same to me, though the last time I wore a walgreens diaper was years ago back in 2007.

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    Walgreens brand I have tried, infact I have one on now. Comfy and the tapes are ok and last for 3 -4 fasting if easy. Bottom tapes might brake but top one alone is fine. I haven't wet much in it but when I have it holds it pee.

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