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Thread: Cox suspended my internet

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    Default Cox suspended my internet

    For a couple hours. I told my mom and she went on the phone with them. She just came and knocked on my door and asked if I downloaded a movie on may 15th, No country for old men. I'm like "no..." and she said the RIAA caught an illegal copy and traced it to our ip and Cox suspended our service. I just "no i didn't download anything". Even though my mom knows I use limewire and bit torrent and all that nothing like this has ever happened. It caught me off guard and I guess I gotta lay low on the pirating.

    Weird thing is I downloaded that movie back in march or april.

    Anyone else have anything like that happen to them?

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    Even if you hadn't done it, they could have accused you. They're known for false accusations. I mean, they got the date wrong! That proves they're a bunch of idiots. Try to stay away from torrents and just use direct downloads. (I'm sure the stuff is out there on some file upload site, like filefactory or some place like that, but it may be hard as hell to find) There are safe ways to get stuff.... a regular torrent on any public torrent site usually has some risk attached (even though it may be low). And private torrent sites are usually safer, but they can be really hard to join sometimes. And no... this has never happened to me. If it did, then I'd be ranting about it 24/7.

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    Isn't that a breach of contract by your ISP?

    I know for a fact that (at least here) your ISP is not responsible for what you do on the internet - they just provide you with the gateway to the internet in exchange for your money. I mean your local bus company won't refuse to let you board a bus because some police officer thinks you may have used the bus to go to a bank you've robbed.

    Pirating copyrighted material is a criminal offense, so the only parties involved in punishing you is (1) the court system for criminal charges and (2) the person or company holding the copyright to the material you've illegally downlaoded. How does your ISP come in?

    Personally, I'd get a new ISP immediately, terminate the contract with your current ISP immediately due to breach of the terms of your contract and ask for your money back plus compensation for the time without internet service.


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    Too bad I can't terminate it. I'm not the person who pays for the ISP.

    Yeah I mostly go to private sites now anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    It's a criminal offense in Germany. It's civil in the USA.
    Copyright infringement is not a criminal offense in the U.S.? If it wasn't here, the movie industry couldn't do jack sh*t here to find anyone illegally downloading anything because they'd have no way to ever find out the name behind an IP.


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    I think in some cases it is considered criminal (like selling counterfeit DVDs or online movie leaks before the movie has even hit theaters.... major stuff like that), but it's usually considered civil. I mean, you're not going to get jail time for downloading regular movies in the US.

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    Stick with private bittorrent sites... the public ones and limewire etc aren't worth the risk.

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    In some countries the ISP is responsible for what you do. Its completely ridiculous but its just the way it is in some places.

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    what a bunch of crap... I mean honestly... who cares if people download music or movies...

    greedy entertainment industry bastards... if you all didn't demand hundreds of millions of dollars just to get out there and act like fools movies wouldn't cost $7-10 to get into or $20-40 to buy and people would get them legally...

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