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Thread: Cvs fitted briefs vs. Walgreens fitted briefs...I want to know

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    Default Cvs fitted briefs vs. Walgreens fitted briefs...I want to know

    I want to know before I make a purchase: which is the better diaper? My main concerns are absorbency and comfort. Please let me know which would be better. Only answer if you have had experience with both.

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    They are one and the same, just the packaging is different. I do favor the CVS as I got a bad pack from Walgreens once but I beleave that was just blind luck.

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    I agree with Nam, there pretty identical. However I prefer the salgreens brand, normally more in the pack and a better price. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    I've heard they're identical. However, for store bought diapers after trying CVS, Rite Aid, and Depends (and at least one other whose name escapes me) I definitely prefer CVS brand, especially after they changed the design slightly from a really gross style of overly-crinkly and leaky blue plastic to a much more absorbent white cloth type (even though I generally prefer plastic-backed since that's what I wore when I was a baby/toddler). In fact, I just bought a new pack of CVS briefs tonight, while I wait for my ABU SuperDryKids to arrive.

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    CVS used to have this "refastenable underwear" that was GREAT. It had one Velcro-type tape and it came like a regular diaper, not pre-fastened. It was easy to change without taking off my pants. A while ago they changed them so they are like the Depends refastenable ones; they come all together like a pull-up. If you try to unfasten them to put them on without taking off your pants they are hard to refasten. I wish they would go back to the old kind!

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    They are the same thing. The only difference you may get is how much you pay. Sometimes CVS or Walgreens does a buy one store brand get one half off. That would be the good time to go.

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    I had good luck with the Rite Aid brand several years ago but the quality may have changed since then. As far as the other two I was of the impression that CVS and Walgreens were of comparable quality.

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    Off topic: I've tried to get Rite Aid brand again, but I'm a medium and notice that Rite Aids only seem to have like one package, in XL. Did Rite Aid just stop making its own brand?

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