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Thread: Anybody tried this?

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    Question Anybody tried this?

    WarpMyMind - File Navigator

    Was wondering.. If it's a curse file, what does that mean? Does it work? What's it like? And is it worth listening to it..?

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    curse=you get what you want, but their are severe consequences to think about first

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    The " curse " files are supposed to be ' stronger ' files, and they claim that they can only be removed by purchasing another file to counter-act, or remove the effects of the " curse " file. Some of the " curse " files are claimed to be irreversible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphacore View Post
    forgot to mention that they're made to rob you blind

    Any psychology 101 class in college will tell you that the actual content of the CD does not matter--it's what the user thinks that matters. If you want a cheap hypnosis CD, write your own script and record yourself.

    Besides, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't just hypnosis tapes they were trying to upload to your computer...remember to be careful when buying online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphacore View Post
    forgot to mention that they're made to rob you blind
    Absolute scam!

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    I re dubbed some of them together to see if i could 'fix' some of my problem. I never talk about it because ppl wouldn't believe it but I did notice a slight improvement with nocturnal enuresis. Took about 3 months of listening to it every nite before bed and on repeat while I was asleep. The result was basically I do wake up now and then with only a little bit of wet and go to the bathroom and sit for a few until I expel - then go back to sleep. Doesn't work all the time but I didn't wake up like that before.

    The 'babytime' one works *VERY* strong on me tho. Nothing else has had any real affect that I can tell.

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    curious if anyone here has ever successfully used hypnosis to make them wet the bed or anything like that.

    EDIT: and then i read the post above mine. silly me.

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    I used Boyhood 2 to some small effect. I also admit I tried the one that's supposed to make you do things other than wet while in diapers and it did not work. 24-hour baby worked for about 5 min when I did it 3 years ago. Otherwise, like the others said, it all depends on you.

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