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Thread: How can I make homemade diapers?

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    Default How can I make homemade diapers?

    If you know how to make a diaper that DOESN'T involve a Trash bag, sewing, and/or paper towels and toliet paper, please post here to help me and other people make our own diapers!?

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    well towels are good for using as cloth nappies, although with out sewing or bin bags its hard to make a diaper. id recomend investin in plastic pants

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    Might I recommend creating an introduction in the "Greetings/Introductions" sub-forum? It'll help us get to know you better and not feel like we're being used as a diaper-google. Thanks!

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    If you can, take a hand towel, fold it hot dog style, then fold it long ways, then hot dog again. Use one or two considering how big you are, they go right in your undies. :3

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    nothing you make is going to server as a good functional diaper, plus not even cloth diapers ( the professionally made ones) feel like disposable ones. When it comes to diapers you do get what you pay for and if you try making them yourself your only going to end up leaking. Unless you make a good cloth diaper which is 100% possible but you'll still need to buy plastic pants for them.

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    I made a beast one with a trash bag once...before i got real ones. It lasted 3 wettings. I used a hole roll of paper towels:O good times.

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    To make a diaper you really need 3 things. 1) Something absorbent. 2) something waterproof. 3) Something to stop it from falling down.

    To obtain something absorbent could use include towels, old clothes, paper towels, tissues, sanitary towels, dish cloths - anything that will absorb liquid. Obviously some materials are better at absorbing liquid than others. If you're not in a position to do your own laundry you will probably want to use something you can throw away.

    To obtain something waterproof if you can't get any plastic pants you probably will need to use a trash bag, or something similar. Of course if you don't plan to wet the diaper, but just want to experience the feeling of wearing one, you can skip this part.

    What you hold the diaper up with will depend on what you've made it with - you could use a belt or safety pins for example, but the best thing to use is probably underwear. You can put your chosen absorbent layer into your underwear, then cut two holes into a trash bag for plastic pants, and put another pair of pants or a belt on top of the bag to stop it from falling down. You will need to experiment a little to cut the holes in the right place and to the right size in the trash bag. As others have said, your home-made diaper probably won't offer much protection from leaks if you choose to wet it. Nothing you can make at home will be comparable to real disposable diapers, and to make a good quality cloth diaper at home you would need to source quality materials and be quite good with a sewing machine.

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    First take a good, proper introduction, then sew it to the introductions board XD

    Nah I'm kidding, but making an introduction would still be a good idea ; )

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomDL0 View Post
    If you know how to make a diaper that DOESN'T involve a Trash bag, sewing, and/or paper towels and toliet paper, please post here to help me and other people make our own diapers!?
    1st, Welcome to the site. 2nd, go make an intro post. Then think about this. If someone had come up with a method to "make" a diaper that did NOT invole one of those methods, do you not think that it would have been posted to the Wiki already? Or maybe to one of the 4 other threads already posted about this topic? The search box is your friend.

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    First things first PLZ stop telling me to make an intro page. I just made the account yesterday before doing a Massive amount of Freshman Biology Hw. Second if u dont have anything nice to say dont say it. ANd lastly Plz dont post anything here that doesnt belong or go along with my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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