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    Hi to All. This site looks like a great place to share with some caring people. I have had wetting troubles my whole life, and my wife has turned it into a casual thing, so glad for that. She was the first one to buy my diapers, now she makes me do it! I had an accident at work,and have had four back ops since. This repaired broken vertebras, and a birth defect involing the nerves that no one ever knew about. The doctors messed up a couple things, and it has left me needing the protection of the diapers. I will tell you, all the urrodynamic tests they put you through is NOT fun! They told me afterward, that the repairs to the nerves and canals wasn't an exact thing.( No Kiddin) It really was a lot more fun before, now its just what it is. My honey still can make it fun though. Glad to talk with yall ,Have a great day!!

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    Awesome welcome to the forums! Like you said, we're a caring bunch here, which means we want to get to know the person INSIDE the diaper!

    Any exciting hobbies or interests? What do you do in your spare time?

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    Talula, Nothing really exciting? But I do enjoy my Family,garden, camping with hotboat and motorcycling. Love to go for a slow cruise around our local lake. Because of all the health probs, I am on disabilty. I just do a little of everything. It has slowed me down, but We are still enjoying life! Being without a job has given me the time to help others, fixing things and doing what they can't. Really Love to put a smile on peoples faces. Seems as though we have enough negitives in life. (just watch the news) Give out some kindness! it will come back to YOU ten fold! Have a crinkly day! I will.

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    Hi honker! Welcome to Adisc I like to garden as well and I'm trying to get disability myself because of health problems

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    I'll bet disiblity it will be hard to get at your age. They figure you can get retrained to do something,anything really. They will help with school costs if injured on the job. They will almost starve you to make ya find something. As a man we gotta do something,that is are self worth, sitting around just doesn't do it for me. I loved to work,and was a workacholic, now I can help others at my own pace. Hope all works out!

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    Well your positive attitude and sunny disposition are what we need more of, not to mention raccoon cliches Seriously, I admire the amount you do do, and lots of it cool at that. And here's a shout out to your honey... sounds like you are a lucky man!

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    Let me second Raccoon and say welcome also. It sounds like you still are very busy, and certainly are getting the most out of life despite your disability. My wife is retired on full disability, and on a dialysis machine. We manage to make the most out of what we can do. If you give in to a disability, life becomes unbearable. Kudos to you.

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    Oh absolutly! Never give in, there to much cool stuff in life,maybe we just need to look at the situation differently, or another angle maybe. Thank YOU for the kind words! You are right on my honey is awsome! We were just talkin about how our lifes have gone on for so many years, (since our early teens) We have had many blessings, and many hardships, and they both will make us better people. Thanks again for your enlightenment, and talk to you soon! Honk

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