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    Hi, I'm furrniture. I'm kinda pathologically shy so don't expect alot of information... I was a teen baby in secret but now I'm 20 so I guess I'm an adult baby in secret now. I like diapers and pacifiers n stuff... I also like furry stuff. I have no idea what sexuality I am ( I might be A sexual ) so if you're confused and your looking for someone who's as confused as you are I'm your guy... I really like cartoons. I'm in an art school right now for college and learning about computer animation that way one day I might be able to work on the kinda movies that I love to watch. I'm not that great yet but I'm learning. I'm actually looking for others who have CG or 3D skill so that we can work on a collaborative project or something. I mostly use Maya but I know how to co-op with others using other programs. If that last bit made no sense to you then don't worry about it. It was kinda super nerdy so if you didn't understand it thank your lucky stars that your at least one social rung higher than me ( Joking )... anyway... Um... yeah... I don't know what else to say... If you have any questions send em my way. I'll try to answer em. I'm not at all sexually aggressive so if your looking for someone to talk dirty with then please look else where. I don't have a problem with sexually aggressive people some of my best friends are really sexually aggressive I'm just way to shy to talk or do anything like that, especially not online or to a stranger... Now I'm rambling... Anyway... Yeah...

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    Hello and welcome to the forums :-)

    Don't worry, here on this site we are about much more than the fetish side of diapers and we tend to stay away from topics which are of an explicit sexual nature so you shouldn't find anyone wanting to talk dirty with you (if someone does ask you and it makes you feel uncomfortable then you would be right to report them to a mod) or wanting to talk too much about sex.

    Anyway, you say you hope to be able to work on the kinda movies you like to watch someday, so here's an easy one for you, what kind of movies do you like to watch?

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    My favorite movie of all time is The Lion King. But that's a 2D movie and I'm learning 3D so I hope to work on the kinda movies that Disney and Pixar have been doing lately. Bolt, Cars, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Alvin And The Chipmunks, Over The Hedge, to name a few. Those last two obviously weren't Disney but you get it. Actually the big houses like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, etc... are really hard to get into so I'll probably start out in advertisement or something then hopefully work my way up to a smaller movie production studio like Vanguard or something. They did Space Chimps. I just realized that that wasn't really answering your question... Sorry I ramble alot and I get side tracked easy... But yeah... you get it. I like those kinda movies. I really like alot of the older 2D stuff as well like The Fox And The Hound, Robin Hood, etc... You know the kinda movies we all grew up on some of us (like me) never grow out of.

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    hehe, rambling is good, it means that you have something to say, other than diapers, which is nice to hear from a newbie.
    I hope you enjoy your time here, and i hope we make you welcome

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    Thanks, I'm kinda liking this site already... Its nice to see a site that looks down on overly sexual and really exceptionally weird stuff. I stop visiting most sites when I get grossed out to often on them. I mean I get alternative lifestyle choices just fine but some people push it to far.

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