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Thread: Thick Diaper

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    Default Thick Diaper

    What would you say is the thickest diaper out there, i know personally that i prefer really thick diapers and depends are ok but i know there had to be something else, so anyone have any suggestions?

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    The thickest diaper I have seen so far is Abena's X plus Diaper. Now their is a competitor to Abena and it's dry 24/7, but I don't know how they would stack up to Abena

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    Abena X-Plus or Dry 24/7... they are the thickest disposables on the market.

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    I say two bambino diaper well do the job, since it be super thick.

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    Abenas and bambinos for sure, of what I've tried. They are much more thicker then depends.

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    2 pairs of underwear is probably thicker than Depends...If you want to make any thicker, just add more...But what the others suggested work too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
    I say two bambino diaper well do the job, since it be super thick.
    I agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glassyeyedbb View Post
    Think i'd find an Abena at a CVS?

    Definitely not...CVS has Depends, CVS brand, and Tena...Abena's you have to get online

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    Abenas can only be had online.

    Heck... all the good brands can only be had online.

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