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Thread: ADISC's Got Talent

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    Default ADISC's Got Talent

    I don't watch TV often, but had no choice tonight since the lady wanted to watch the semi's of Britain's Got Talent. And I gotta say... Britain really does have talent!
    These two guys - known as The Signature - definitely got my vote:
    YouTube - Britains got talent : Signature

    I wish I could dance like that... but anyway...


    What sort of things are you naturally good at?
    What can you do that seems out of the ordinary or highly skilful to most?

    I can't really think of any major talent in myself, other than I have a natural click when it comes to film-making... and I can put both legs behind my head!

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    Firstly, I enjoyed that video thoroughly and I'm definitely not a fan of Wacko Jacko!

    Now... what talents to I have? Nothing really spectacular... although, I am able to write whole sentences backwards. And not word for word either, I mean letter for letter! This is mainly a result of being left-handed and not wanting to smudge my writing. >_<

    Other than that, I can pick up practically any object that is kinda long and spin it around my fingers. Pens, rulers, torches, microphones, TV remotes, anything...!

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    I sing, apparently I'm good. I have a Youtube video, and I would show it to you guys but I am scared that if I post it here, people will spam things like "OMG, I like diapers too!!!"

    So, I will not, if any VIP's want it, just ask in the VIP section, but other than

    I also write well, if that is worth anything >.>


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    The only talent that I have is that I can draw very well.
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    Heres the first showing of those guys linked in the first post... i think this one is better


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
    The only talent that I have is that I can draw very good.

    You can draw very well.

    As for me...I have some drawing skills...I can learn a song on an instrument by ear...I've played viola for 8 years...I can sound just like a pigeon...

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    Hmm. I guess I can play guitar pretty well, and my poetry skills are apparently really good, or so I've been told. Then again, I'm not one to think that anything I do is ever good, so...XD;

    Oh yeah. I can also easily read stuff upside down, backwards, and sorta good in mirror writing. n.n;

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    being a great/lifetime long gamer is a talent right?

    I might go for the high score of Pacman one day. Though I am not getting into that Donkey Kong stuff after watching "King Of Kong".

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    I do fire dancing at public parks to get spare change to get myself a sandwich the next day for lunch. I consider that a talent.

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    YouTube - Gravitation Ready To Go

    I took the anime 'Gravitation' and manipulated the footage into a music video... Not only that, I did frame by frame manipulation to make Shuichi SING the song.

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