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    I am Mike I was born with spina bifida. I wear a diaper because i always have . Im not an AB but not by choice i am a DL. I come to this site to get acceptance and also I can check out the newest trends in diapers. Hello to all


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    Hey Mikestuff, welcome to.... well, greetings from ADISC . (You've been on here for a year longer than me!)

    This site is a good place for people who are incontinent who have chosen to make the best of it on a psychological level. On top of being a diaper site though, it is also a place to get to know one and other. Since this is your first venture into posting on here, would you like to share a bit more about yourself?

    I mean, being incontinent and having spina bifida shouldn't be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about yourself as a person. Do you have any major interests? A favorite movie, game, book, etc? Are you in school now?

    I hope you enjoy your stay here, as much as I'm sure you'd rather not have the reasons for your being here. We are a great support community, so *hugs*.

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    Well it is always good to get the perspective of those who wear for need; and understand those of us whose need is psychological. And yeah, we are a great source of info on new products, capacity, fit, and - especially - cost. I happen to have met many incon people think Bambinos are the greatest thing since sliced bread, because they simply do the job best, regardless of why they came into being.

    That said please feel free to join right in about all things non-diaper, your taste in guns, vid games, music and whatever else you want to talk about. We are all people first, diaper wearers second...
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    cool thanx for the welcome. I actually lost the link to this site and only recently rediscovered this site.

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    You are most welcome. Glad to see you. One thing though: I had trouble parsing this:

    Im not an AB but not by choice i am a DL.
    You are a lover of diapers but not by choice? You mean you grew a fetishistic pleasure over time? (This is not so unusual these days.) Or you love them but purely for their being functional? As in your love is more appreciation than it is a source of psychological pleasure? Or you have a fetishistic attraction that you resent? (Also not unusual.)

    I am NOT being nit-picky or calling you out on your grammar. I wish to understand what you are saying is all, to better understand who you are; which is very much what Adisc is all about. That is - it is about the person in the diaper, more than the diaper itself.

    Hence our blathering on and on about hobbies, service record, favorite jokes, why you voted as you did, and what you would do with a million bucks.

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    .....and what you would do with a million bucks. ...... I would invest 1/2 in something and buy a new car i think and clothes and stuff to make me feel and look good. As far as grammar goes... don't read to much into it. I wear a diaper because I have to. I feel good when i have a diaper on Im not scared of them, however I don't want people that I dont know , knowing that i have a diaper on or need to have one on. Im a private person. Fetish umm no I dont think so. However i do like the look of a trim body in a diaper. So maybe it is a fetish after all.

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