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    I used to take more risks when, getting nappys ect now i havent done it in a while im just too paranoid and i feel more is at stake, i definatly suffer from the purge/binge cycle, and i cant realy order online, i realy need help managing my paranoia i used to smoke weed regularly and do other things amphetamines hallucinogens although im holding down a job/relationship at present and have been clear for about a year paranoia confusuion the feeling like everyones watching me is constantly there, any ideas on how to manage/deal with paranoia genrally and that of my ab/dl side being found out.


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    Hmmm the drugs really don't help with paranoia, especially the weed. It can, as you have experinced, leave a lasting effect. If its something thats effecting your everyday life then I suggest visiting the doctor. Something like this needs to be nipped in the bud before it overtakes you and your life.

    If its just abdl stuff, thats different and natural at first. Its something that stops the more you do it, getting used to it. Of course you have to accept your self fully before you can. Something that will also help with your binge/purge cycle. I think everyone comes to accept them selves differently, realising that AB/DL tendencies are a part of who they are and nothing to be ashamed of. Just try to keep hold of your stuff when you purge, and try not to go too crazy when you binge that will help reduce the extremes of the cycle .

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