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    And so my 24/7 experiment in baby life begins. yay!

    Im considering making a blog but only if i get enough people that would read it, because i have noticed here that not many people read the blogs.


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    why the experiment? and what does it involve? just curious

    And make blog, be interesting to read. IMO i think quite a few people read blogs, they just don't comment on many.

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    Exactly what Coyote_Howl said, blogs just don't get as many comments, but they get plenty of readers .

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    Coyote_howl, im home alone for a week and i want to try and live out the adult baby lifestyle and see how it goes, which includes wearing nappies 24hours a day, wearing onesies, sucking on my dummy etc etc. Already i think im becoming attached to my dummy?? i seem to want it all the time.

    Thanks for clearing up the blog issue, i guess ill make one then.


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    ahh sounds interesting, would definitely being willing to give it a read. And yea, blogs are great for reading during the night when no-one is posting to begin with xD

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