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    Default More Responsibility, More Intense Fetish...

    After years of living with this fetish, it seems that I am constantly battling with new responsibility and my adult baby fetish. It appears that as I acculmulate new responsibilities (learn new things in college, work, etc.), the more intense my few adult baby moments become. It is pretty hard to continue life learning new things and stabilizing my economic status, whilst I try to push my adult baby nature away.

    Has this occurred with anyone else?

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    I would say that this is more than common. You are in a time of your life when you are picking new responsibilities (as am I), and with new found responsibility comes: A) more stress, and B) more desire to return to a time where such tasks were not being asked of you. Ultimately, I wouldn't be too worried about this. Just remember to continue doing the things that help you to relax, and the other end of the tunnel will be there soon enough.

    Also, if you haven't quite come to terms with yourself for your desires, then that can make this all the more difficult. I hope you are able to find yourself in a place where you are not only able to relax more, but that you are also comfortable letting yourself give into your AB tendencies.

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    I agree, taking on additional responsibilities does seem to have this effect, which makes sense in a way.

    As spddan says increasing responsibilities usually mean more stress, which in turn triggers peoples coping mechanisms to fire up. For some people that means hobbies, from some drinking, for most people here I guess it means putting on some footed sleepers!

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    I've found that as I got older and more established, I became more inclined to my little side. Kinda a funny irony. As I got more comfortable with myself I realized there was really no "pushing it away" and staying honest with myself and happy.

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    Very interesting replies. It seems like this phenomenon is a common theme among all people, as Chrisb mentioned. Thanks for replying!

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    Pretty interesting! I agree this is common for AB/DLs (and I think it means something). Myself, I am the same way. When I first moved away from home, the fetish became something entirely different (and exciting). I'm a lot more willing to shed the coat of responsibility when I prove I'm on top of it. It's sort of like, "OK, so I'm this big confident adult guy now. So, what's next? Hmm.... a diaper sounds WONDERFUL!." I've always been in control of everything. It gets boring. There's sometime extra-enticing about balancing that "big man" who's always in control with the diaper boy. When I don't feel so mature or responsible, wearing a diaper feels a bit like a double-insult. I like to feel good about my adult life and responsibilities when I'm regressing. It's a sensitive balance.

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    I agree with regression tendencies getting stronger during periods of increased stress and responsibility. In my case, it's even stronger when such a period is over, or during a period of relative boredom. Perfect example (from many years ago) - right after final exams were over. Or now, where I'm in a phase of shutting down a company and looking for a new job.

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    I don't drink, smoke or use drugs. When I get stressed, I get out the diapers and the satin dress. They work, and I don't have a hangover the next day . I'd recommend not trying to push away your adult baby nature. Instead, try to find a safe time and place and embrace it. My personal experience supports what I've read in many other postings: Pushing it away just makes it worse and makes you unhappy and depressed. Pushing it away is unhealthy in the long run.

    I wish you luck and I hope you find a balance.

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    I'm in the same boat dude. College, not at home, stress galore, and I'm having to use my diaper stash more and more because of it. But I feel so much better and more comforted after embracing that even for a short while.

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