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Thread: The Zeke and Lily books

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    Default The Zeke and Lily books

    i came across these books on ebay, apparently they are infantalism related, but not in the "here are some crappy drawing and a some fap words" way.

    see here- zeke and lily items - Get great deals on Books items on!

    also, noone has brought these up before?

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    These are all stories that you can read for free on the internet. Zorrodaddy (that's the author's moniker) is quite the talented writer. I guess these are here just for people who want to read a print version.

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    Never ever thought I would see an actual published ABDL book, What's the content like, does it qualify as an actual stand alone story for non-ABDL's or is it just something for those in the know?

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    This story interested me, even without the AB part, so I'd like to hear a review of how it actually is.

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    I saw the "parts" randomly scattered all FTT fourms. hadent bothered to look at em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claw View Post
    I saw the "parts" randomly scattered all FTT fourms. hadent bothered to look at em.
    I have. If I remember correctly, they were awful. But then again, I may be confusing those with something else.

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    They were actually quite good, I read them on the ABDL story forum. I'm not sure why people would want to buy them if you can read them online for free, but to each his own.

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    It's on ebay because they know some hide and go seek challenged person will find them on there and think they struck gold.

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