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Thread: Diapers and work.

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    Default Diapers and work.

    I am curious what your thoughts on these. Is wearing diapers to work acceptable? Should diapers stay home? How would this affect job performance?

    Personally, I rarely ever wear to work and find myself less social on those days.

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    I wear Drynites to work every day. reason for drynites is cause they are so cute and comfy and dont really make any noise. No one (that I know of) suspects a thing, and as for job performance, I doubt it would affect anything. Now be in mind, I don't 'use' my drynites at work, I leave that for home......

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    I've worn pull ups to work on many occassions but only use them for leakage under those conditions.

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    Well I don't have a job yet but when I do I assume I will be working at a battery shop that sells all sorts of car/truck/marine batteries. So its in a warehouse sort of location and its always very slow or very busy. Though I guess when I am working there I will be delivering the batteries. Most of the people are either farmers or people off in the boondocks on islands in the delta. So I think wearing would help if I was out driving around.

    If I was working for a computer shop or a video game shop I don't it would be useful at all mainly since you get breaks anyway.

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    I think wearing to work is OK, as long as you don't stay wet and smell, I don't think others would accept that, but just wearing a diaper, I think thats fine.

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    Being 24/7 I don't have much of a choice when it comes to wearing to work. I don't think it effects my job performance negatively. If anything it lets me work more b/c I'm not taking potty breaks. LOL

    I know some people at work have noticed my diapered state. It is really hard to ignore since I crinkle some and these Secures are super loud when changing... you can hear the tapes a room away. Noone has said anything yet.

    They can't fire you at work or anything if you wear diapers b/c of the Americans With Disabilities act. You can claim incontinence if you want. From what I've read most employers won't even question it b/c you can get into sensitive areas and potential lawsuits & etc.

    I haven't had a single problem with it.

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    I don't work, when I'll work I'll probably never wear them to work because I'm not Brave enough. So, for me, they'll stay at home

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    I don't think I would ever wear at work because of where I work, but at my day job, I have to swipe a time card. I have the card because of what I call the Walmart law, and the card is actually for our protection. For a while, Walmart employed illegals and locked them in the store late at night and made them work extra time which they were not paid for. The other thing they did, and this is what's interesting, is that they worked their cashiers without giving them sufficient breaks, so they wore diapers and used them since they didn't have time to get to a bathroom. These news articles ran both in my home news paper and on NPR, so I assume the story is true.

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    It is more common than you would think... dispite labour laws... I imagine many cashiers and clerks still use diapers b/c of the lack of scheduling for toilet breaks. Noone seems to care about retail workers anymore.

    I've never worked at a "superstore" and don't ever plan on it... but you'd better believe that if I did the first time management denied me my legally required break... I'd pee all over the floor and then see them in court.

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    I don't wear at work. I think if you're not incontinent, diapers, like other fetish type objects, need to stay at home. There is just no good reason to wear to work. While you can't be fired for it, presumably if your boss/senior management noticed you were only wearing them certain days they'd know it wasn't because you needed them (assuming you don't work in an area where you can't take bathroom breaks). And I would think that could affect, maybe unconsciously on your boss' part, whether you got a promotion, got laid off if there were budget cuts, etc. Maybe it's just where I work, but there are people who fit in (and suck up), and there are people who just don't, and the ones who don't fit in/suck up tend to be the ones who don't last long, or miss out on promotions over other less qualified people. So, I'm not going to do anything to get me noticed in a negative way.

    Also, if I wore to work I'd probably be less social, as others said, and less likely to want to speak out at a meeting or do anything else to draw attention to myself.

    So yeah, there is very little chance I'd ever wear to work.

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