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Thread: If regression was possible...?

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    Default If regression was possible...?

    (Sorry if this has been done before )

    So, as the title states; If regression was possible, would you do it?

    So, would you either be,

    Physically regressed into a baby/toddler's body and have the mental capacity of a baby/toddler


    Physically regressed into the body of a baby/toddler but keep your own mental capacities as they are now.

    Would you do it? If you would, which would you choose?

    If not, why not?

    Personally, I think I would be regressed physically but keep my mental capacities. However, I would only do it for a short while - like a week or so, just so I knew what it was like and could get the 'wonderment' at it out of my system.

    Thankyou for any replies in advance


    EDIT - For those that would regress - what would you do in that regressed time? For me; go out in public, go to the park, fall asleep on someones chest without worrying about crushing them, go to a play group for a few days and have a really bratty day e.g screming, crying, throwing things etc just for the funzies! :P
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    I would do the same as you - I'd want to regress physically but keep my mental capacities so I'd actually be able to enjoy it. I don't see the point of regressing mentally as well as I've been through a real babyhood and can't remember it, so I'd only want a regressed babyhood if I would remember it as an adult. I would only want to regress for a while though, like you said only for a week or so - I wouldn't want to relive my entire 23 years just to get back to this point!

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    physically but not mentally that way i can remember it and control my actions (well not ALL of them :P) instead of being the equivilent of mentally retarded

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    eh maybe physically for a few hours or so out of curiosity, but that would probably be about it. Mentally probably not, though part of that may be I really hate how little kids act xD. At first would of probably said neither, but thinking about it there are some things you can try/do that you wouldn't be able to as an adult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl
    I really hate how little kids act
    You too eh?

    Anyway for me neither, I do enjoy being an adult at times.

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    regress physically only, otherwise i can't really enjoy the experience now can i?

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    Just physically, and also probably only for a short time--maybe even a month would be about right.

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    Physically, let me have my mentality so I can take in the whole effect.

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    If I could regress physically, even if it was permenant, I would take that opportunity. Being a 'child genius' would be infinitely better than being a weird adult. I could still be as 'adult' as I am now when I need to be, but my body and appearance would let me act on my little-feelings whenever they arose, without me having to repress them. Someone on here (fifigirl, I believe) explained how I feel near-perfectly; like a little girl who's been trained to act like a grown-up.

    I should point out that some people (myself included) already feel like we regress mentally in little space. So, that's why I didn't include 'mental regression' in my answer, though I was tempted.

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    Here's what I think I would do....

    Physically regress into the body of a toddler or post-toddler girl (2-4 yrs old appearance. something like that), but keep most of my own mental capacities as they are now (I would want to think/act more like a kid in some ways, but not every way). Basically, I would want to still be able to read, write, do math, and talk (though maybe with cute speech mistakes sometimes).... stuff like that. The few ways I would regress mentally would be mostly just nuances, I guess. I probably would not want to be potty trained either. (that's around the time I actually was potty trained in real life.) I don't really want a time limit on it. I'd want to stay regressed.

    I guess "Regressed physically but not mentally" is accurate enough. I guess it would make me like a child genius as charliebonce said... Either way, I don't like getting older nor being an adult.
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