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    I'd imagine with ADISC having so many members we might possibly have people here that work with insurence companies and know these rates pretty well.

    well, theres a few things i've been curious about.

    lets say I buy a late-model sedan with a small-block (305, 307) V8, would I still have the high insurence rate for it having a V8 motor?
    and are ALL 2 door cars classified as sports cars due to them having 2 doors?
    because I have been extremely close to buying a 1982 Delta 88 and a 1981 Delta 88 with the two door option, both with 307 V8s, and I got offered a 1978 Delta 88 4 door (I love 88s, is it obvious?) with the 305 V8 (im positive it was a chevy 305, It didnt have A4 or A5 heads on it and it looked a little different than the 307 that was in the 88 I almost bought last year, still available for 400$ if anyone wants a good 307 strapped with a TH400)

    and what kind of insurance rates would I get if I bought that 78 4door? because it would be a benefital car for me because the trunk is plenty large to move customer subwoofers in, and plenty large enough for me to do a 4 15 setup if I wanted to go competition with it.
    not to mention I love the roomy-ness of the old 88s.
    (I don't care if my gas mileage is gonna be as low as Paris Hilton's IQ)

    and another question, are Muscle Cars & Sports Cars under the same classification?

    and are 2 door compacts like Saturn SC1's classified as sports cars when it comes to insurance?

    any help here would be great! Oh, and if you can, give me an idea what my insurance might be if I do buy that sedan, i'm 17 and a senior in high school ;v

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    Not that I've checked rates and actuarial tables for automobiles recently, but I think the larger issue with your premiums is going to be your age and gender.

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    Where I am from insurance is governed by the government. Basically they have a monopoly on insurance. You must get minimum/basic insurance from them and after that you can get as much third party insurance as you want.

    AFAIK how it works is "Coupes" are charged more for insurance than "sedans" because coupes are seen as being more akin to sportscars and being more powerful. (When has anything the government does make sense). So you could have a 2 door coupe that is less powerful than a similar 4 door model but costs more for insurance because it's a coupe.

    You should however be more worried about your age and gender than anything because that's where most of the "premiums" come from (with huge multipliers coming from having lets say a BMW 5 or 350Z compared to a shitty beatup Civic or Corolla). That being said, once you establish a history of being a good driver they'll drop very fast to "normal" levels and then it's moreso the make/model/year/configuration that determines the price of insurance.

    You'll have to phone around and maybe if you can try to piggyback on your parents' insurance (if they have good driving history) that will usually lower your rates too. However I'm not sure if you can do that anymore since I've heard that some governments are trying to discourage that practise.

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