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Thread: politics, politics, and more crazy polotics

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    Default politics, politics, and more crazy polotics

    So, I'm slowly learning my politics....

    I think of my self well rounded and try to keep it that way...

    Tell me how you feel about President Obama... whether it may be like or dislike. If you could talk person to person with him... what would you say?
    would it be... what where you thinking or you are doing an awesome job?
    and.... Also, a general idea of your age with your response would be nice. I want to see how americans are feeling these days....

    One last thing... where do you get your news? local, cnn, fox, hln.. please share!

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    Meh. I can't say much, Hell, I pay more attention to politics outside of this country.

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    inb4: Obama sucks because he is a liberal and/or democrat.

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    Obama is not a good president at all. He's done nothing of any real value since elected, has hurt the economy further by forcing Obama Care at a time when the economy is in no shape to support it. He takes far too many vacations at our expense during times that I consider to be inappropriate. He bailed out irresponsible corporations with our money, with no clear stipulations on it's use. He's suing Arizona for doing what the federal government should be doing but refuse to. He's also the most Anti-American president in US history. His own book clearly shows his feelings of America. If you look at what he's doing; It actually looks like he's trying to kill our economy!

    The guy sucks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mukirr View Post
    inb4: Obama sucks because he is a liberal and/or democrat.
    He doesn't suck because he's liberal.. and he doesn't suck anyway. He's just meh. Anyways everyone's thoughts on obama is constantly shifting, at least they should be. If you want to see our views on him or anything else read the like 250+ topics concerning politics.

    As for news.. you should get it from one place, two places, 3 or 4 or even 5.. you should get it from anywhere and everywhere and try and fact check it. Well other then 9/11 truthers and conspiracy theorists since as Don Draper said "I hate to break it to you but there is no big lie. There is no system." Quote taken out of context.. but it works.

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    For news, I usually use the BBC, Phoenix's newspaper (well the website), watch Washington Journal on C-Span, sometimes NPR, Google News, and Politico. First off I lean more towards the left, I'm not far over there but still (and it depends on the state of economy for how far left I am considered). With Obama I feel he has been Okay, but not great. Part of that is getting screwed a bit by the congress, which Politico had a great article on that (basically Dems find him too centrist, and Repubs think he is super socialist).

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    speaking of presidents of the USA, any comments about kennedy

    like i mean, he put man on the moon and negotiated the cuban missile crisis, however does anyone know how good hewas in the more mundane areas? like fiscal policy, crime, the environment housing etc.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Okay... you asked about Obama. Just don't get pissed off because I'm giving you an answer. I give Obama a "C-" at best (and this is being charitable).

    I'm not actually grading him on the economy. It's ridiculous that the Glenn Beck mob seriously thinks that the Obama administration could reverse eight years of kleptocracy and unchecked plutocracy in just 18 months. We'll be lucky if the economy is back on its feet in 15 years.

    What I do give him scathing criticism for is this:
    -- Dragging his heels on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". He's commander in chief. He doesn't actually NEED anyone's permission to undo this law. He just needs a ballpoint pen and some guts.
    -- Supporting "Defense of Marriage Act" after campaigning that he wanted to undo that law.
    -- Offering zero support for the abolition of Prop-8 after campaigning that he would like to see the GLBT community have legal parity with straights (he prefers "civil unions" over "marriage", but it's a start. Sadly, he changed his mind on that too.)
    -- Offering zero criticism at the government of Uganda when they made homosexuality a "crime" punishable by death (this lobbying effort was a masterwork by American fundamentalist Christian evangelists, so Obama had a legitimate role in castigating America's cultural contamination of another nation's internal policy).
    -- He ran on the idea of "no more bailouts" and "too big to fail" and yet he had no problem with granting hundreds of billions of dollars into bankrolling rich CEOs who,in turn, didn't produce any American jobs.
    -- He ran on the idea of outlawing lobbying. Sadly, that problem is alive and well (just check out Archer Daniels Midland still getting billions of dollars in corporate welfare for corn ethanol!)
    -- His position on the alleged "Ground Zero Mosque" (which is 20% mosque, 80% community center, and not actually located in the Ground Zero crater) was so ambiguous as to be laughable. His position *should* have been "The paperwork is in order, and we live in a country where the First Amendment actually means something!" But, again, that would have taken some guts.
    -- A lot of the bills that he did pass didn't go NEARLY far enough. The credit card reform does offer *some* relief to consumers, but it didn't address the problem of usury (credit card companies essentially charge rates so high that the balances can never be repaid). The healthcare reform act will provide some relief to consumers, but it doesn't go far enough either (oh, and making it a *crime* to not be able to afford health insurance is NOT the answer).
    -- Some of his reforms are downright cowardly, as they take effect AFTER he is likely to leave office. For instance, the CAFE reform act (which will demand that carmakers have a fleet average of 35 MPG) takes effect after he leaves office.
    -- He has not addressed the problem of illegal immigration.
    -- He has not addressed the problem of Social Security deficits.
    -- He has not addressed the problem of modernizing our military in order to adapt to 21st century enemies that don't wear uniforms and attack in small numbers over large areas.
    -- He has not addressed the problem of preparing our nation for a post-oil economy (the Middle East is likely to hit "peak oil" in less than ten years. Imagine the 1970s gas crunch about 20 times worse).
    -- He has not addressed the problem that our 1940s-era electricity grids are not even close to being ready for the adoption of electric cars. Moreover, we haven't built a nuclear power plant in over 40 years, despite the fact that the energy density of nuclear power is extremely high and doesn't emit greenhouse gasses.
    -- He did somehow let Glenn Beck get away with convincing 20% of the nation that he is a foreign-born Kenyan communist and Muslim extremist.
    -- He did somehow let the Church of Latter Day Saints retain their 501c tax-free status, despite the fact that this religious organization OBVIOUSLY meddles with politics. (And the LDS is obviously not the only religious entity that needs to be scrutinized for breaking their charters).

    But, truth be told, I'd take Barack Obama over an extremist like Sarah Palin any day of the week. Obama may be weak, but he's not the kind of guy to start WWIII based on Bible-voices in his head.

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    Yeah, I'm with Butterfly Mage on this one. Obama campaigned on good ideas, but he turned out to be far too ineffectual to actually get anything done. Couple that with the GOP's remarkable ability to inspire blind faith in their cause and blind fear of the Democrats amongst their constituents, and you have a recipe for disaster.

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