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    Default Diaper cravings

    Has anyone here ever stopped wearing diapers cold turkey and then after awhile you feel the craving to wear?

    I stopped wearing back in May but then I would wear them on occasions because I be craving them. It's as if it's a drug or a cigarette.

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    That's pretty much the norm with me... The cravings have been with me since the third grade. Have you started to have the dreams? That's what always gets me... I'll be dreaming about finding a stash and wearing them. Or just wearing them in my dreams. Feels so real though. It's weird.

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    I've had major cravings since I was 12, but I still have yet to wear a diaper. T~T

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    I think I "craved" in a way when I was a young teen, before I had a driver's license and easy access to a grocery store. Nowadays I don't feel cravings if I haven't worn in a long time.

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    I do time from time, but usually it will pass (as i don't want to buy a bunch just to wear one and be done).

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    I haven't worn since May either but haven't had any cravings for them yet, although I have been insanely busy this summer so my mind hasn't really had the time to think about diapers. Besides I have diapers so I know that if I ever want to wear them they are there ready to go and by having that piece of mind I don't worry about craving them as much.

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    Most cravings I get from dreams only the wierd thing is some of those dreams are like the trix rabbit getting what he wants only with me and the diapers.. It actually makes me laugh to be honest. xD

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    I feel as though this is par for the course when considering many of us wear for a form of emotional and/or stress-relieving support. Like a drug or a cigarette? You may be on to something there. No, it is not literally a drug, but it is a lot like a cigarette in that people often smoke as a way of soothing and calming themselves. For us, it's diapers that do that. So, I would imagine, especially for those of us who aren't in this specifically as a sexual thing, that these are a lot like that. Granted, this is a lot healthier than cigarettes, so I see no need to kick this habit .

    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    I haven't had any diaper dreams.
    I have had a *ton* of diaper dreams. Many of them have had to do with being found out or other fears I have on the topic. Most of the rest of them were very fetishy though, and no one here wants to hear about that

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    Onto something?

    People who do drugs or cigarettes and then quit cold turkey will crave them. They will want one and have to deal with that craving. Even if they have recovered, I hear they still mentally crave it. My husband told me he sometimes still craves cigarettes but he doesn't give in. He quit about five years ago.

    It feels the same with diapers. We may quit cold turkey but we will still crave them. Heck it's something we all probably deal with for the rest of our lives. That's why I asked just to see if it happens to others who have quit cold turkey.

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