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Thread: Super Powers!

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    Default Super Powers!

    If you could get any kind of powers, what would you like to have? Lets try to limit it to one power per person, but you can expand on one...Just lets not have like "Well I can fly...But along with that I can also shoot spaghetti out of my fingers!!!"...Also, what would you do with those powers?

    For me, I would love to be able to control time...I would have so much fun freezing time and just like beating up people I hate, sleeping all I want, etc...I would want an easy way to do this though...Like just snapping my fingers or something while thinking about what I want to happen to time (stopping, faster forward, etc)...And it would have to be that like no one would notice anything weird happening to me if I went forward or backwards...

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    I already have a super power, I can change money into nothing by buying all kinds of crap on the net.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    "Well I can fly...But along with that I can also shoot spaghetti out of my fingers!!!"
    Thats known as The Flying Spaghetti Monster look it up on Wikipedia.

    So I would have the power to teleport anywhere. I would just want it so I can be exactly where I want at any given time.

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    I think that the power to control time is the best one. Since it also makes you immortal, gives you the power to teleport (practically) and plus you can get everything done.

    If I could control time I'd take over the world. But in a nice way.

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    I know of the Flying Spaghetti Monster...Shooting spaghetti out of your fingers is actually from Dane Cook though

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    In almost all my dreams I have some kind of super power. Just recently I had a dream where I was a super flying ninja guy. In other dreams I have great strength, or supreme intellect. It's pretty cool.

    But if I was to have any power, it would be supreme intellect for sure.

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    I'm going to be selfish and say two powers.

    I'd also like the ability to teleport, without any limits to anywhere in the world.

    Secondly, I'd like the power of a touch that could grant selfless miracles.

    I'd have to have a weakness though, for every person I heal, I'd grow older within my body, dieing more and more inside until it took over me.

    At least then though, I could make a difference in this world, without expecting anything in return.

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    My power is to have all the required secondary super powers, such as the Human Torches ability to not be burned by the flame that he makes, immune to the huge friction super speedys would have to endure, ability to endure high mach speeds and breathe thinner air, all that regular superheros need to survive their own powers. ALSO, I can grant these temporarily to others.

    Also, the part of my power that allows me to fight supervillains, is taking away their required secondary power. I would therefor be able to make Sonic's legs either catch flame from friction, or saw eachother off.

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    The power to shapeshift would be nice '0' Being an animal for a few hours or soembody else would be nice to escape stress.

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