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Thread: Just fully changed my self while lying down for the first time!

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    Red face Just fully changed my self while lying down for the first time!

    Well today I finally did it. I lied down and fully changed my self for the very first time. I got down on the bed with the old diaper still on and had the new diaper placed right under the old one and when I pulled out the old wet diaper I was all ready on top of the new diaper. Followed the instructions on taping the diaper on while the one getting changed is in bed and when I was done I just lied there while doing all my checks in the leg gathers and leak guards area and after that I just lied there in bed even more and then I got up to tell you the news. It was quite fun and more comfortable than just changing while standing which I have been up on my feet for most of the day and most of the night before. I do say that I must do that again because the diaper is on nicer and even more comfortable. It almost felt like I was a infant all over again. Free from all of that stress and such.

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    Good for you! My girlfriend does most of my changing but I remember when I had to change myself :P

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    Good deal!

    I find it easier to change while laying down, or I could just be to lazy to stand up and do it.

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    I accualy find it harder to change standin up

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    yeah, I don't know if I've ever changed standing up.....
    maybe sitting down

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    The first time is always the hardest, and I usually prefer standing up as well, you should only be laying down for a diaper change if someone else is changing you, not a self change.

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    I can't change while standing up. I always fumble around with the diaper; I don't know how people do it so effectively while standing. I've always been on a bed when I change myself. :-)

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