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    Forum is demanding I make an introduction, and I really should have ages ago, so here goes!

    First off, sorry about the nickname! It doesn't really suit me at all and I'll probably change it to something more meaningful if my account gets unlocked.

    I didn't really start out as a diaper lover per se. I am really more into the bondage/humiliation side of things and my interest in diapers kind of grew from that.

    I come from a fairly normal background, normal household, normal friends, etc. No idea what spurred any of my interests, but to tell the truth I have never given it much thought. I know it started early because I used to enjoy cartoons where someone got tied up! (though at the time I obviously didn't know the significance).

    I'm very much into in self bondage (I know this isn't a bondage forum, so won't go to much into that). Diaper wise I have more interest in crinkly disposables to cloth. They just seem more "babyish" to me, which of course ties into the whole "forced to be a baby" humiliation thing.

    I kind of "missed out" on the whole "why am I not normal binge/purge cycle" stuff I hear so much about, and have just always been ok with this. Always kept these interest a secret, not so much out of fear as I think it would just be weird if people knew... and really I've never had any real desire for others to know.

    Other interests? Biggest one would be computers. Got into computers very early on, started contributing within the open source community in high school, etc. Am currently working as a programmer. Interestingly I've managed to tie my interest in computers with my interest in self bondage.

    Besides that am fairly into wood working (not so much arts and craft type stuff as furniture), electronics, and really most anything relating to technology.

    Anyway, this brief introduction kind of turned into a life story narrative so I'll quit babbling!

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    Very good intro. I used to make furniture a few years ago, especially when Cargo furniture was big. I made a chair, several tables, storage chests for my kids, a bed with a drawer unit for my son and a desk. I hope you enjoy adisc. We discuss many things so enjoy.

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    Very cool. I've always been big on computers myself but I've never made a career out of it. Mostly dataentry type jobs lol

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