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Thread: Great product for hiding diapers!

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    Default Great product for hiding diapers!

    Ok I was thinking of posting this in the Teen Baby forum as it would be best for people who live at home and need a good place to hide diapers but this could apply to anyone looking for a good spot to hide a stash.

    I saw an add for this product on TV:

    Have a look at the product, you could easily create a false bottom for each shoe compartment and hide a diaper underneath a pair of shoes. It's also not a bad way to organize your shoes if you have a lot of shoes


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    Under the bed is the worst place to hide anything. Still, it's a decent idea for shoes, but terribly complicated for hiding diapers under each.

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    Hmm, I suppose. But then again, couldn't you just use drawers or a cardboard box though?
    Nice idea though! Thanks for sharing

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    Yea, there is a lot of holes in that idea. I am sure at some point, someone will look under the bed. Maybe if you have stuff on top of it. Well.. I am not the best at hiding things so.

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    I think its a pretty good idea! Plus, if you do make a false bottom, who is actually going to look under the plastic that the shoes are sitting on top of? My parents wouldn't.

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    a false bottom high enough to fit one diaper height would be fairly hard to catch

    particularly in a dresser drawer

    But the basic idea of hiding things UNDER something that they're not likely to either (1) get at for legit reasons or (2) consider a target for snooping, is good.

    Gotta watch out for (1), things like "oh I'll hide it under my mattress, they'll NEVER look there!". Right you are, very low chance of them LOOKING for things there. But what happens when mom flips your mattress this spring? o_O The most dangerous thing is NOT a snoopy mom, but a mom in Spring Cleaning mode.

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    hmm...when I was a teenager, I devised a pretty good method for hiding "contraband" from nosy parents. What you do is you put the diapers (or whatever you're hiding) in a box with a lid after wrapping both parts in gift wrap. Once the lid is closed, wrap a ribbon around the box and place it in your closet. The lid allows you access while the ribbon makes it difficult for nosy people to safely peek. Then, when parents ask, it's a present for your friend (although his/her b-day is far away, this is the perfect gift). Change the wrapping/friend's name every once in a while and enjoy ^_^.

    Also, I agree with you bambinod...most of my unwanted "discoveries" came from my horrible stepmom who was a compulsive cleaner...It got so bad that I'd feel a horrible sense of dread every time she had the cleaning supplies out :O

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    My stash is locked in a suitcase under my bed and I haven't had a problem yet :p

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    Personally I'd skip the over complicated false bottom stuff and buy a hope chest / foot locker. Stick a $5 Master Lock on it and your good to go. This of course will not work if you've got paranoid parents or done something to make them want to pull out the bolt cutters.

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    i got an old craftsman tools box at a garage sale for 10$ with the keys and its all locked inside they never question my tools

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