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Thread: Help me pick out a name.

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    Default Help me pick out a name.

    I was wondering if you all could help me pick out a name for my fursona he is a boy wolf. He has dark gray fur with a white belly and chin.

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    Generally people name their own fursonas. Someone else naming it is kind of weird.

    Maybe i'm just weird, but someone else naming it would be like O_o...

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    Yeah it's kinda a weird question, but I'm not that creative when it comes to names.

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    I'd say Toby or Dax 'cause those are my favorite names ever. xD

    I think you should name your fursona yourself though. :S

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    I think this is too personal like for having somebody else do it for you

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    Ummmmmmm since everyone keeps saying i need to create my own name how does Blade sound?

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    Why are you asking us? Pick a name that "fits". If you are unsure, then you will still be unsure no matter what we say.

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    try sifting through naming sites, like others have said, naming your fursona is a personal thing, you need to find one which YOU think fits

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    ok got it. Wallace. I like that name.

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