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Thread: Sorry if this offends anyone... but im legit freaked out

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    Default Sorry if this offends anyone... but im legit freaked out

    Ok guys first post in awhile so sorry if this is in the wrong spot

    Alright i recently began dating again after my former gf took a turn for the worse and is as good as dead....

    Anyway ive been noticing lately, (6-8 Months) that without a diaper on....i cant get hard....regardless of what i do...

    Although i am not sexually active, i am really freaked out cause....what comes to mind when i think about this is, a quote from the movie Don't mess with the Zohan "Your hog is telling you something"

    I'm really worried about he fact that diapers could become a part of my sex life and will not be able to have a successful sexual relationship without them.

    I'm sorry if this is a bit graphic or offends anyone

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    Really? That's some crazy psychology goin on. Diapers are really the only thing I find sexual, but I can set get it outside of them.

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    I personally don't have much of a sexual attraction to diapers so I can't comment on it from that angle, but I guess it is possible. It may be that you're just bored / burned out with sex, as many people get. If this is the case and you're worried about diapers being your "trigger", you may need to experiment with other things to see what else gets you going. You may also need some time away from sex in general if your burned out on it.

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    go cold turkey for a week and see if that doesn't help things.

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    Feeling freaked out is totally OK.

    Investigate why you feel freaked out: one possibility that comes to mind is that if you were using diapers as the only sexual output while you were not dating, you could have developed a paraphilia (generally it means that someone's interest in diapers interferes with their normal sexual or social or work life). In any case, it's good that you noticed your interest in diapers becoming a functional problem for you now, rather than later in your new relationship.

    You can try to deal with it by swearing off diapers for a while. You can also try talking to a therapist about how you feel, and they will be able to suggest more specific ways you can work on this because you can give them more personal information and context than you can or want to on a forum. I bet you can make it back to the point where diapers aren't the only thing that turns you on. IMO, it is a matter of changing your behaviour and thinking towards other sexual activities not involving diapers. Investigating what got you to this point is a great way to understand and achieve that.

    Hope that helped a little,
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    Yeah, this is definitely time to take a break from the lifestyle. Try a month from it, just like I'm doing now.

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    being stressed, even if it's low-level stress, is a good way of getting a soft-on, or a hard-off. if you're still getting erections in the morning, there shouldn't be anything substantial to worry about.
    combating the lack of erections by wearing diapers could be shooting yourself in the foot, though, as you may begin to wholly associate diapers with arousal or just hard-ons.
    sounds like you're getting into a catch-22 of stress about this. perhaps a total break from your current lifestyle would help (diapers, internet, friends etc)? having new interests and friends will give your mind and body something else to do.

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    Yeh take a break.

    Looks like you are heavily attracted to diapers as a thing that's part of you and your life, and without it, your body doesn't want to function.

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    Yeah, I think you should definitely try and take a small break from diapers, at least as far as your sexuality goes. I went through the same sort of thing many years ago, but I managed to have a good sex life without diapers. Like Ade said, don't get panicked about this because that will just make it worse. Just relax about it and spend some time figuring out what you like. What you like might change over time anyways, so you don't need to arrive at some sort of carved in stone "This is what I Like" list.

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    So are you saying that in the past 6-8 months you have not had an erection at all? Not even morning "wood"? If this is the case I would actually recommend getting some diapers. If you get "excited" wile wearing then you know you have a psychological issue. If you are still unable to "get it up" even with diapers, you have a serious medical issue. Lack of erections is a side affect of Diabetes, Kidney disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, various vascular diseases, and Prostate cancer etc. At 17 you are at or near your sexual peak and should be getting erections multiple times a day. Not to scare you but you should really look into this issue.

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