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Thread: A Short Introduction and Hellos.

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    Default A Short Introduction and Hellos.

    Greetings all, My name is LilKistopher or also BabyKistopher depending on where ya might know me from. I am an avid Adult Baby who enjoys being an AB as a lifestyle. I am married to a wonderful woman, wife, and mommy who has accepted me for my strengths and weaknesses. Mommy and I have been married for 4 years now, though it has been trying at times, it has also been very rewarding at the same time. We are always open to meeting others, particularly "daddy" types. I am disabled and incontinent due to a spinal injury which is ultimately why being a lifestyle AB has came about. I hope that we can make some new friends, while also maybe able to share new experiences.

    Huggies and Luvs
    Lil Kistopher & Mommy Meg

    We hope that we can be a good member of our community as a whole, while being able to contribute experiences, ideas, and opinions to help others better understand theirselves, while also allowing us to better understand ourselves. We are easy going people who take life one day at at time, greatful that we are blessed with the things we have, and the the things we have to offer.
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    Hey guys, and welcome to the forum

    What sort of stuff are you guys into outside this side of yourselves then?

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