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Thread: When tabs fail....

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    Default When tabs fail....

    I read a few posts where duct tape was used when tabs broke. That is pretty aggressive stuff. I happen to have around painter's tape which holds good and can be removed for adjustments. It's blue tape made by 3M (US) available in paint supply stores and hardware and box stores etc. Get the dark blue kind and only 3M. 2" is best.

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    I use clear packing tape, it is strong, but you can see through it. It is good to be able to see through the tape, if you are wearing a diaper with prints.

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    I second the clear packing tape. I use the "duck" brand, it's about twice as thick as the cheap stuff, easier to work with and cut etc.

    packing tape in general is good to use because it doesn't ruin the look of the diaper, doesn't affect the texture much, sticks well, and doesn't tear. (which is pretty much the direct opposite of say, duct tape) There's just the issue of finding the **** end. And needing scissors to cut.

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    Duct tape here.

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    People with white diapers...

    I bought white duct tape. Work like a charm.

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    I use a non-filament strapping (Tara) tape at the 'waist' and a wrap of cellophane tape for the leg tapes. Both hold well and also release when time to remove the diaper. Stumbled across the strapping tape in my job as a forklift operator... Has the tensile strength to 'pull tight' yet not break.

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    I like white duct tape and clean room tape.

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    Clear packing tape is great but adds to the crinkle factor of the diaper. Which may or may not be a good thing depending on why you are wearing the diaper.

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    I use diaper pins when the tabs fail and they work great.

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