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    So my doc has asked me to get a sleep study done and ive been putting it off for a few reasons. but i do have a few questions if anyone has ever done one.

    whats the procedure with them (as in what happens when you go get one done) and do i just wear a diaper to it or what happens in that situation.

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    Wear your diaper and don't worry about it. They are concerned with what's going on above the waist. Breathing... Head neck lungs.

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    i have two sleep studies and i went wering my diaper because they told me that i can sleep like every night, and i have accidents for my sleep apnea

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    The study is done in a private, soundproof room with a bed and monitors ranging from microphones to EKG patches and possibly a breathing mask. The questionnaire will probably ask specifically if you wet the bed, as that is a common symptom of a sleep disorder. Whether or not the questionnaire asks, you should note it (and you should have told your doctor about it). The tech who read the questionnaire asked if I wanted "protection".

    I brought my own diaper. Hospital diapers are useless, and there's no point in putting out the staff if you don't have to.

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    I took one a while back. I didn't see an option for that, but to be honest, if you wake up needing to go, they unhook you, no big deal.

    But yes, its all above waste, but damn, all those wires can get uncomfortable.
    Room was nice tho...

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    I had one done a couple years ago for my Sleep Apnea. It's very private at least for me it was. I went in about 9PM and they set me up (hooked sensors, electrodes, and fitted me for a mask). I was taken to a room that is set up like your own bed room would be, and told to do what I would normally do before bed (I watched TV). Then they turn the TV off about 30 minutes later so I could go to sleep. They ran the tests while I slept, and then about 7AM they woke me up an told me to go home. I went back about a week later for part 2 which was the same except I was fitted with a mask and the machine was adjusted to my needed level. They don't care what you're wearing; they're paid to do their job, and honestly I'm sure they've seen people in diapers before anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shinx View Post
    But yes, its all above waste, but damn, all those wires can get uncomfortable.
    Actually they hooked a sensor to my leg as well. I was told it was to test for RLS.

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    The only thing that bothers most is all the wires they attach to you. Being incontinent I wore a diaper to bed but when they were hooking up the cables and while in bed, I did have gym shorts over my diaper. They are use to just about anything so don't worry to much. I am so thankful that I went through with mine. Having sleep apnea and rest leg syndrome both showed up and by using a CPAP machine and medication for my legs, my sleep is much better.

    Remember it's easier to change a wet diaper then a wet bed or pants.

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    I have been through 3 sleep studies. Each time I went in they left the room while I changed for bed. I put on a diaper with shorts over it, then they hooked up the wires except for two they handed me to put through my shorts and then they hooked them to my legs. Nothing was ever said about my diaper.

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    I have had to different ones done and I wore diapers during both of them.
    they don't hurt and they have wires that hook to adhesive pads on your head chest and arms and legs and they moniter your brain and vitals while you sleep.
    then usually a week or 2 later yuo have a follow up appointment with your doctor to discuss the results.
    mine were for sleep apnea which I have a sevear case of and have to use a CPAP machine at night.

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    I had two sleep studies for sleep apnea. I wore a tall, t-shirt (extra long tails), a cloth diaper and plastic pants to bed. I also brought along an absorbent cloth bed pad.

    I noted on all paper work / forms I was incontient and that I wore a diaper.

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