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Thread: May I share you my irrational fears?

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    Default May I share you my irrational fears?

    Okay, so get the whole setting :
    I was sitting at a net cafe with a friend of mine, when he recieves an invite from a oblivious *B name ([email protected] or on those lines).
    I am scared, cause this might have some connection with me.
    All pointers don't move there, because

    *I only added my friend on MSN today, and that was after he got the invite from this person, so if he hacked my msn account it wouldn't be possible to find my friends e-mail.
    *Nobody on my list has this friend of mine's either, so consider that out too.
    *Also, I set up yesterday a MSN chat account SPECIFICALLY for people that have some relation to my *B side. Even if he hacked THAT one (possible) he would only find two three people from here. I've basically removed any relations with on my normal account for safety reasons.

    Another pointer is, my friend has a rather generic name [email protected], so it might be just easy for any random stalker to find him..

    So, MY question is :

    My fears are irrational [y/n] ?

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    The worst case scenario is:

    Your friend suspects you, he finds out about you, he tells everyone including his and your family, the school laughs at you, the family laughs at you, you move, lose all your money, get drunk and commit suicide. Just kidding XD

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    Ouch. *slits wrists*
    But srsly u gaiz, liek.

    Well, it's still creepy to think about what if something like that DOES happen.

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    Its unrelated, I think my friend might be open to DLism, but not together, cause were not teh gayz but I KNOW my friend from Florida would, we talked about it afore, now I just have to get him to come up here fer a bit.

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