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Thread: ummm im new o.0

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    Default ummm im new o.0

    well... im not really so great at this kind of introduction thing... so i guess ill just say why im here and stuff lol.

    Im handicapped, more specifically i am partially partially paraplegic. Due to my incontinance i suppose i ended up bumping into all this stuff just by it all popping up always when you look up diapers and things... anyways i never really persued it to learn more or anything about this stuff because i come from a conservative family and the topic it self is very tabooish.... which i guess made it much harder to hope with things but thats a more personal thing idd rather not go too far into. Anyhoo.. a couple days ago.. in my love for anime i managed to bump into a website called diaperedanime. There over afew days i learned alot about things and discovered alot about my self im still not sure about.

    Mostly i think the big reasons i came here is i want more people to communicate with... ill probably try out the chat room and meet people and just learn more about stuff.... and then go from there i guess...

    sooo ummmmm HI! :3

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    Hello :3

    Welcome to our humble website.

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    Hello and welcome to the site :-)

    A good start to your introduction - now I'd like to know a little about yourself outside of the diapers. You already mentioned you have a love of anime, what kind of anime do you like? Reading? Watching? Drawing? The only anime I really know is the Studio Ghibli films, but I'm sure you will meet loads of other anime lovers on here! :-)

    Do you have any other notable hobbies/interests or things you like to do in your spare time?

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    oh gosh darn it... i hit the reply to thread after filling out the quick reply thing and hit page refresh and it deleted everything... D: that sucks! lol... i guess ill rewrite it all.... :3

    Uhh.. well lets see... im 16 years old and im japanese(more specifically im adopted so even though im japanese i have a different culture behind my face... if you understand what i mean...) so i guess towards your question about anime... thats where i kinda naturally fold into liking it. I dont read much manga... maybe its due to my ADHD im not sure but i find that its difficult to focus on reading so i mostly fall away from it and get distracted but i do read naruto and bleaches manga. I watch mostly all anime... i dont really have a favorite cuz i like lots... mainstream is mostly naruto and bleach...and FMA... but i like/watched tons of non main stream ranging from like gunslinger girls, various gundam series, hellsing, hanbun no sora, samurai champloo, elfen lied, chrono cross ... the list would go for ages.... oh and i dont draw much cuz i dont have steady hands but i doodle alittle on random stuff when im bored its just not good.

    other things is ummm... well i cant really do alot of physical things :3 so umm but my step brother got me hooked on video games... mostly i only play PC because it works better for me. i play allll kinds of games so it really is up to what i feel like at the time.... hmmm what else...

    oh yea i watch tv a fair bit... the cooking channel is fun and oh my gosh i love ceasar millan... the dog whisperer guy from national geographic channel... he is soooo amazing with dogs :3 i love animals but im alergic to them o.x mostly.

    im not really sure what else.... im not really that talented or anything... i surf youtube? :3

    oh yeah and i love stuffed animals too
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    I'm pretty sure FMA is mainstream...

    << it is i was just too lazy to scroll back and put it in the other spot... :3 specailly now that its ova with another 50someodd eps or w/e

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    oh actually and i just reminded myself... i also like music o.o specifically heavier rock oddly enough ^^)/

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